Qualcomm partners with Google to improve Wear OS and help manufacturers launch more advanced watches

qualcomm partners with google to improve wear os and help manufacturers launch more advanced watches
qualcomm partners with google to improve wear os and help manufacturers launch more advanced watches

Qualcomm will offer a solution for wearable devices based on RISC-V that will improve time to market for manufacturers.

With Wear OS 4 released this year , Google now has Qualcomm again to improve the operating system for wearables. Not based on new features, but on those necessary structures so that third parties can customize the chips in their watches, expand their performance and reduce marketing times.

The big problem with Wear OS is the slowness in the updates that the watches that reach the Spanish market must receive. It is better to buy a new smart watch with the new version of Wear OS than to wait for it to be updated, and the fragmentation in this system is simply one of the worst experiences, since watches from a couple of years ago remain with the major version unable to get close to Wear OS 3 or 4.

RISC-V will expand the framework in which third-party manufacturers can take advantage of custom chips that are energy efficient and offer high performance . So we want to continue betting on Wear OS and other manufacturers will get on the train of the operating system optimized for Google wearable devices.

What is RISC-V?

Snapdragon Wear is the key platform for Wear OS that is being used by the different main players in the launch of new smartwatches to the Spanish market as well as in others. RISC-V is a free hardware instruction set architecture that is based on a RISC-type design. The best thing about this framework is that it is free, so there is no need to pay for the license to use it. A system that was born in the early 2010s at the University of Barkele

The implementation of RISC-V in Wear OS really focuses on customizing the chip cores. Which allows others to enter watch design and thus create their own innovations to move a rather limited market; especially when looking for a smartwatch with the latest version of Wear OS.

This new RISC-V-based solution for wearables will be launched soon with an announcement by Qualcomm and in collaboration with Google; more than interested in new watches being launched with their version of Android for this type of accessories. It will be necessary to see if the processes are streamlined and other brands, outside the current scope of smartwatches, are launched with new proposals that enrich the ecosystem.

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