Qualcomm makes Snapdragon 4 Gen 2 official as new platform for entry-level 5G phones

Qualcomm makes Snapdragon 4 Gen 2 official as new platform for entry-level 5G phones
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Qualcomm presented, this Monday (26), the Snapdragon 4 Gen 2, the new generation of its platform for entry-level 5G phones. The new chipset brings a new lithography that promises more efficient devices, in addition to support for new memory technologies that will bring a leap in performance to the segment of affordable devices.

The Snapdragon 4 Gen 2 features the same core configuration as its predecessor, the Snapdragon 4 Gen 1, but boosts clock speeds to 2.2GHz on its two high-performance cores and 2.0GHz on its low-power cores. . According to the American manufacturer, the Kryo CPU is 10% faster in this generation.

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The company does not comment on the evolution of the platform in relation to graphics processing or the GPU model, but we know that the Snapdragon 4 Gen 2 is produced with a 4-nanometer lithographymaking it the first in the series to be built with an advanced process that is usually reserved for the most powerful chips.

Ensuring access to the latest generation mobile network in low-cost handsets, Qualcomm has equipped the Snapdragon 4 Gen 2 with the Snapdragon X61 5G modem, making it the first in the series to support 5G 3GPP Release 16 specifications. Platform connectivity is complemented by support for Wi-Fi 5.

In the video department, the Snapdragon 4 Gen 2 features a dual image signal processor (ISP) with a new feature called Multi-Camera Temporal Filtering (MCTF, or “camera temporal filtering”, in free translation), which provides best noise reduction for videos. Capture is still limited to 1080p @ 60 FPS.

The hardware is still capable of handling cameras up to 108 MP, but it also supports Zero Shutter Lag on cameras up to 32 MP and electronic image stabilization (EIS). The new chip stands out for using 3200 MHz LPDDR5X RAM — much faster than Snapdragon 4 Gen 1 memory — and 2-lane UFS 3.1 standard storage.

Check out a comparative table of Snapdragon 4 Gen 2 and Snapdragon 4 Gen 1 below:

Qualcomm claims that the first cell phones equipped with Snapdragon 4 Gen 2 will be launched during the second half of 2023. Redmi and vivo are named as manufacturers that should announce the first basic models with the new hardware. Rumors indicate that the device that will debut the platform will be the Redmi Note 12R.

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