Qualcomm, for portable consoles: its new Snapdragon G3x is designed to enjoy streaming video games

Video games are one of the juiciest segments in the technology space, and Qualcomm has made a surprise with the launch of the Qualcomm Snapdragon G3x, a chip specifically designed to be the heart of future portable consoles.

Qualcomm’s proposal does not come alone, in fact: the firm has teamed up with Razer to create the so-called ‘Handheld Developer Kit’, a portable console that serves as a reference for manufacturers who want to take advantage of this bet that is focused on one area: the one of streaming videogames, although we can also enjoy Android games.

These consoles want to play in the cloud

Qualcomm’s proposal is unique in this case because it is not aimed at competing with products such as the Nintendo Switch or the imminent Steam Deck: both portable consoles are designed to be able to enjoy video games running natively, but the Qualcomm chip is designed to govern consoles. laptops in which the absolute protagonist is the game in the cloud.

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Qualcomm’s proposal is to offer a chip ready to work later with streaming services like xCloud, but also so that we can play video games that we can enjoy streaming from consoles such as Xbox itself or a PC.

The chip is also prepared to offer interesting guarantees when it comes to enjoying the experience. Thus, it has a 5G modem with mmWave support, the ability to use OLED displays at 120 Hz with HDR and also with Wi-Fi 6E and Bluetooth 5.2.

Added to this is the ability to have a 1080p webcam to be able to stream while we play, something common on PCs but very unusual on mobile devices.

Snapdragon G3x 2

The experience is further enhanced by the integration of Snapdragon Sound audio technology and an advanced haptic system that allows to give a greater sensation of immersion in the game.

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On the device created in collaboration with Razer we also have a USB-C port to which to connect accessories – we could see glasses with XR technology – or external monitors, but also a 6,000 mAh battery.

At the moment the first to be able to enjoy this chip and the ‘Developer Kit’ —which is nothing more than a reference design for a portable console with this SoC— will be precisely the developers.

At Qualcomm they have not indicated when we can expect the first devices based on the Snapdragon G3x or what price range will be handled, and for now they only highlight that they want developers to “create the titles that we think they can develop” with this technology.