pXcycle, the ‘most powerful’ electric urban mountain bike on the market

pXcycle, the 'most powerful' electric urban mountain bike on the market
pxcycle, the 'most powerful' electric urban mountain bike on the

Electric bicycles have become one of the most tempting objects in recent years, especially for those lazy souls who do not want to leave their skin in each pedal stroke and they don’t mind the electric motor lending them a hand. Of course, this success has caused the number of available alternatives to skyrocket, which is why it is difficult to choose the specific model that best suits our needs.

pXcycle, mountain bike and urban bike.

And in the case of this eBike that we bring you today, it has two clear advantages that stand out above the others, which leads it to strategically position itself against the competition, such as its versatility and, on the other, its power and autonomy of use. Something that has allowed it to complete its crowdfunding phase without problems to reach the economic objectives that its creator had set for himself.

pXcycle, mountain bike and urban bike.

Highway, mountain or city?

This bicycle was born from the demand of some users to have in their hands an electric bicycle that can be used for practically any scenario. If they want to go to the country and go up or down steep mounds they can use this pXcycle as it is prepared thanks to a chassis that will withstand all shocks, wheels to match the terrain we are going to tread and a very competent damping system.

pXcycle, mountain bike and urban bike.

Now if we don’t want so many adventures, is pXcycle will also be able to navigate the streets of the city with the same smoothness and power, in addition to allowing us to carry any object that we have to transport. For this, it uses two surfaces both on the back and on the front, where it will be possible to install accessories such as baskets, etc. According to its creator, Gunther Nuissl “Why not combine the best of both worlds so that, as we all have come to expect from our modern sport utility, we get robust off-road capability combined with smooth power and handling at high speed?”

This bicycle It installs a 250w motor (in its standard model) that allows it to reach 45 km / h., which is not bad at all, although it is the battery that stands out with a figure that exceeds 160 kilometers of autonomy with the highest pack in the range. Something that clearly places it among the fastest and most resistant models. As if that were not enough, it is equipped with an LCD screen where we can see the speed, check the speed of the march (it helps or not pedaling and at what level), etc. If you want to reserve one, with a shipping date for September of this year, you can do so through Indiegogo with a 45% discount at a price of 1,612 euros.