Purple, yellow or green heart: What does each color mean in WhatsApp emojis?

We are clear about what the red heart emoticon means, but there are others whose meaning is less well known. That hidden message Does someone send us by WhatsApp when they use the blue, black or orange ones?

The emojis are capable of expressing many times what we are not able to say with words. We have gotten used to sending kisses, winks and expressing with little faces that we are crying with laughter. They are so many and so varied that many times we are forced to turn to Emojipedia, the dictionary that explains why they were created.

every mood has its non-verbal expression: we applaud proudly, we show our agreement with an upturned finger and our affection with a red heart. The symbol of love is one of the most used drawings in our chat conversations, perhaps because it is the clearest for most people. The truth is that many of the expressions of affection that we send in the color of passion would be better expressed with another emoji.

Animated heart emojis on WhatsApp

purple heart

represents the forbidden or secret love. That intense, passionate and even sexual feeling that would be frowned upon to make public. It is a good candidate to send to your lover or that person who should not know that it drives you crazy.

It’s private use is what it was designed for, although you’ve probably seen it shipped in other circumstances. Many times, between women, as a sign of deep friendship, sisterhood and accompaniment. Although it is not intended to be a feminist symbol, its frequent use has given it that meaning in many contexts.

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There are those who turn to their shipment at times when their recipient needs support, compassion or medical care. The Emojipedia may not contemplate any of these aspects, but each one suggests something different and you are free to use it as you see fit.

Green heart

symbol of Love for naturefor the care of the Ecosystem and for the enjoyment of the authentic, what is not manipulated by man.

How could it be otherwise, it is also associated with hope. Hence its use with the people around us in moments of weakness, low mood or lack of faith that everything is going well.

There are contexts in which it is associated with envy, even if it is not the use for which it is intended.

animated hearts whatsapp

yellow heart

represents the honesty in the way of loving someone. The most sincere love is expressed in this way anywhere on the Internet.

Unlike other colored hearts, very few interpretations other than the real one are assigned to it. If you’ve been sent one and have doubts about that person’s intentions, rest assured: they’re probably just good.

It doesn’t have to be meant for someone you have feelings for. It can be addressed to someone who has helped you, has been patient, or has simply shown you something you love, even if it is of a material nature.

orange heart

It would be rare to send a heart of this color to your partner or to the person you really like. Despite its shape, this emoticon does not express love, but a relationship in which you are less involved.

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The type of deal with the person who sends it to you or to whom you send it will have a significant influence on what it wants to suggest. You could send it to a friend, to whom in no context would you say “I love you”, but also to a person with whom you have had something that, on your part, has not come to fruition: it has remained merely physical or even in an earlier moment.

black heart

It is frequently used as an accompaniment to a morbid comment or that would belong to the terrain of black humor.

Nor does this symbol have much to do with love, although it can express a feeling or a common complicity between the two. You could send it to a person who shares your opinion on dark topics or those that are ugly to talk about in public.

A context in which it is also used is in moments of accompaniment in a grief, a tragedy or to express the greatest sadness.

White Heart

It is used more often than black for accompany someone in mourningas it adds a message of encouragement and light at a delicate moment.

It is not uncommon to use it as a representation of spirituality. Its use by religious people is common, but also by those who allow themselves to be guided by their energies.

Blue Heart

It represents security, loyalty and trust, which is why it is so frequent to use it with friends. Be careful not to generate confusion, because there are those who associate it with platonic love.

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It is also common to use in settings related to water and water sports, and sometimes among people who are in some way involved with autism and its awareness.