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Purchase advice: photo equipment for the beach and water

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Water and electronics don’t mix. Here are our tips on how to take photos anyway.

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I’m often out and about with my boat on Berlin’s waters or spend time in the port. That’s why I know the horror when a smartphone falls into the water and sinks. If this happens on the jetty, friendly DLRG employees can often help. Most of the time they find what they are looking for and sometimes the smartphones even still work.

Background: The right photo equipment

  • Going from DSLR to mirrorless: Field report on the pitfalls and benefits

  • Smartphone photos: How software tricks improve image quality

  • Drone photography: tips for successful multicopter shots

  • Better photography: take professional pictures with your camera and smartphone

  • Digital photography: A journey through the history of the digital camera

  • Getting started with planetary cameras: photographing Jupiter and Saturn

  • Analog photography: Medium format cameras and film material for beginners

  • Cameras for children: advice for starting an enriching hobby

Contact with water is unavoidable in many leisure activities. When paddling or rowing, it spills along the shaft into the boat and when sailing sporty, spray sprays over the deck. Everything you have with you – including the camera – has to withstand a fall into the water.

c’t photography 4/22

Exciting motifs: play of photogenic opposites * full format cameras up to 1500 euros * carefree photography on the water * desert photography * macro specialists from Laowa in the test * vintage lenses with special bokeh * photographing people and their animals * practical test: hip belt systems * photographing slides and negatives * Develop your own image styles with color grading + workshops on color and contrast development * Work faster with the graphics tablet

This also applies to underwater photos in the swimming pool or while snorkeling as well as in the rain. In addition, cameras and smartphones sink when they fall into the water. Preventing this, however, is easy. More on that at the end of the article.

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