PS4 and PS5 games on PC: Nixxes Software will be key for Sony

juegos de ps4 y ps5 en pc 1000x600.jpg
juegos de ps4 y ps5 en pc 1000x600.jpg

It is not a secret, watching PS4 and PS5 games on PC is going to become the new norm, thanks to a major change in strategy by Sony that has, as its main objective, offset increased development costs representing next generation games (this includes intergenerational games optimized for the next generation), and will also allow you to return to profitable triple-A titles that were very popular at the time.

We have already seen major releases in this regard. The first was Horizon zero dawn, one of the best PS4-PS4 Pro exclusives that, unfortunately, was not successfully ported to the PC, although we later saw how Days gone, another of the best exclusives of said console, reached compatible showing excellent optimization. PS4 and PS5 games on PC are now a reality, and we will soon see the arrival of other major franchises.

During the last few weeks, there have been some rumors that Sony could partially modify this strategy, that is, that there was a possibility that they limited the launch of PS4 and PS5 games on PC to satisfy their most closed fans, and they were justified by alluding to the discontent that this loss of exclusivity of the most important exclusive titles of these consoles has generated among some. It might seem to us that it makes sense, but nothing could be further from the truth, Sony goes for it all in this regard.

Horizon zero dawn

Nixxes Software will be in charge of helping port PS4 and PS5 games on PC

Earlier this month, Sony acquired Nixxes Software, a studio known for conducting game adaptations initially developed for a specific platform. His work has been, in general, quite good, so with those credentials it is not surprising that the Japanese giant decided to take over it, after all, it fits perfectly with that new strategy of launching the PS4 and PS5 games. on PC.

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In this sense, Jim Ryan himself, CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, has confirmed that they are still in an early stage, but that they are very happy with the work Nixxes Software is doing, and he has confirmed that his help will be essential to be able to carry out this new strategy of launching PS4 and PS5 games on PC. It was no coincidence, Sony was very clear, from the beginning, why it wanted to take over Nixxes Software, and what role it was going to play once it was in their ranks.

We still do not know all the exclusive PS4 and PS5 franchises that will arrive on PC in the next few months, but from what we have been able to see so far the next game that will reach compatible should be Uncharted 4. It will be interesting to see what other games Sony releases on PC after said title. Some rumors have been pointing to a version of Bloodborne for PS5 and PCWhich I would really love to do, but at the moment it has not been confirmed, so we must not get carried away by the “hype”.