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PS1 DuckStation emulator gets updated with multiplayer feature

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We start the second half of March with good news for fans of nostalgic games: Duckstation, an emulator for games released for the PlayStation 1, has been updated with a feature that users have been waiting for. Reportedly, the developer has finally implemented support for online multiplayer.

The firmware update implements the rollback netcode (also known as “rollback netcode”), mainly benefiting fighting titles, which are normally released without compatibility with this tool. This news was created and shared by developer Heat_XD, who provided more details on his GitHub profile.

On his Twitter profile, the developer confirmed that the feature supports popular games in the community like Tekken, BloodyRoar and Rival Schools, which from now on can take advantage of the reversal netcode. He says the function is also coming to Fightcade, but he didn’t reveal when that should happen.

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“Hey @maximilian_ I heard you like old games. How about PSX rollback? Yep, after 1.5 months working on ggpo implementation in duckstation, it’s here! Namely games like: Tekken, BloodyRoar and Rival Schools are now available to play with 6 reversal frames. 1/2”, reads the post.

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