Prototype electric plane successfully made its first flight


A fully electric prototype aircraft successfully made its first flight yesterday morning in downtown Washington, United States.

This example, manufactured by a startup dedicated to electric aeronautics, is in search of the necessary certification to transport passengers.

Alice’s first historic first flight, a prototype electric aircraft

The plane, called Alice, was built by the startup Eviation, has the capacity to transport nine passengers and up to two pilots.

Following a similar style to the technology used in Tesla cars, Alice is powered by 21,500 small battery cells, in a system designed by American and Israeli engineers.

In her first official flight test, Alice took off from Moses Lake, Washington, at 7:10 am on Tuesday, September 27, landing safely eight minutes later. Evasion, through a Press releasereported that this practical demonstration of their technology provided them with valuable information to further optimize the aircraft for future commercial production.

Through the presentation of this prototype, the company intends to demonstrate that these electric planes are viable as vehicles to travel short distances, such as regional flights, at an altitude of 15,000 feet.

Take-off 7:10 a.m.
alice is flying

— Dominic Gates (@dominicgates) September 27, 2022

According to the local newspaper Seattle TimesIf the Federal Aviation Administration certifies this small aircraft to carry passengers, it could become the first all-electric commercial aircraft.

“Alice’s first flight represents a transformative milestone for the aviation industry”said Cape Air founder and chairman of the board Dan Wolf. “We currently carry out more than 400 regional flights per day, connecting more than 30 cities in the United States and the Caribbean. Alice can easily cover 80 percent of our flight operations, bringing emission-free and sustainable travel to the communities we serve.”he added.

Outside of its potential for passenger transport, this specimen has also attracted attention for other possible uses. “Alice’s first flight confirms our belief that the era of sustainable aviation is here”said Geoff Kehr, senior vice president of Global Air Fleet Management at DHL Express, a company that has already invested in an aircraft model similar to the prototype presented yesterday, but dedicated to cargo transport. “With our order for 12 Alice e-cargo aircraft, we are investing towards our overall goal of zero emission logistics. DHL is the industry leader in introducing new and more sustainable cargo aircraft types to the global market. Alice is the real game changer by enabling long-distance air travel with zero emissions for the first time. This historic flight marks an important milestone on our journey to finally achieve net-zero emissions by 2050.”.

The future of electric aircraft is promising, as it can contribute a significant share of sustainability to the commercial aeronautics that we know today. Alice, for example, produces no carbon emissions, emits less noise and costs a fraction to operate per flight hour, compared to light jets or high-end turboprops.