Protonmail, now Proton, presents the news of its new version


Protonmail is a well-known email service that is committed to privacy and anonymity, although it has already had some controversy in the past on this point.

Now they present a new version, with name change included: Protonsomething that will surely not be very well received by the company’s SEO department.

It is a “unified ecosystem” with a new, more modern visual design. They have improved product integrations and unify Proton Mail, Proton VPN, Proton Calendar and Proton Drive. The improvements are summarized in:

– An new website Proton Unified at The URL now redirects to, and new Proton Mail web sessions will start at Email addresses do not change.
More email address options: We can add an address to our account for free (this is an additional address, it does not replace existing addresses).
Enhanced Proton Plans– Paying subscribers will have a storage boost. Some plans will receive new features at no additional cost, including additional email addresses, upgraded Proton VPN access, and more.
New logos and colors– They have updated their website and all their mobile and web applications with new logos and colors to provide a unified visual experience.

Previously, free accounts only came with 500MB of storage, while the €4/month plan went as high as 4GB of storage with a daily limit of 1,000 sent messages. The new free tier expands storage to 1GB, but is still limited to 150 messages per day, three labels, and folders. The payment plan goes up to 5 euros per month, but with 15 GB shared with your Proton Drive and without a sending limit.

Proton VPN with Unlimited plan includes up to 10 VPN connections instead of one, a total of 1700+ servers in 63 different countries, and faster speeds. For the time being, Proton will also continue to offer its VPN as a standalone product.

Drive’s cloud storage option is still technically in beta, so there are no mobile apps for it yet; are scheduled for later this year.

They indicate that they will remain open source, independent, neutral and community focused.

You can learn more details at

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