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Protect your Windows computer: the three best free antivirus

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protecting a computer with a Windows operating system is always an excellent idea, since virus attacks – which have recently decreased in number – continue to exist. Therefore, having software that allows you to have more peace of mind when using a third-party application or accessing an Internet page is a great idea. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money to achieve this, we’ll show you three options that are free while offering pretty solid quality. With these developments, which have no problem whatsoever in terms of compatibility with the different versions of Windows that Microsoft still maintains active, you will add a plus of security in the daily use of the computer, whether it is a desktop or a laptop. In addition, their use is simple because they go practically unnoticed by the user because they carry out their work with good effectiveness in the background. Therefore, there are many virtues that they offer. The best free antivirus for Windows All the options can be downloaded easily and, furthermore, they do not consume many system resources, so they will not cause the operation of the computer on which they are installed to be particularly affected. In addition, it has a free update service, so you will always be protected from attacks that appear, which is also an excellent virtue. Avast AntiVirus Free This option has been on the market for a long time and has more than recognized prestige that has been earned by hand. With an excellent database available, it covers all the essentials you may need to have peace of mind with whatever you do with your computer. Some examples is the inclusion of a Firewall apart from its own protection against viruses. Another good possibility is the secure management of passwords that it has, and it is one of the possibilities that has the least impact on the performance of the computer because it is very small. Their online work is very good, so their security layer is worth a look. Download Avast AntiVirus Free Microsoft Defender This is an option that is included by default in the Windows operating system itself, and over time it has improved a lot -and right now it is a very complete option that works efficiently to find possible attacks and solve them- One of its virtues is that you don’t have to install anything on your computer, and that it integrates with it in an almost symbiotic way. It detects issues in real time and is not lacking in exemption tools which are very cool and vital for proper account monitoring on the team. By the way, it has no problem working hand in hand with any other option you can think of. Malwarebytes Free This is a development specially designed to protect against malware, which is a form of attack that is a headache for users. Therefore, it is an excellent companion for the work of Microsoft that we have mentioned before, for example. Its capacity is very wide due to the fact that it has a high degree of detection, which, yes, has to be carried out periodically because it does not work in real time. Very simple to use and configure, there is no problem with the language, since it currently has a version translated into Spanish. Malwarebytes Free Download >

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