Protect your privacy with the latest WhatsApp security features

protect your privacy with the latest whatsapp security features
protect your privacy with the latest whatsapp security features

WhatsApp has introduced a series of functions throughout the year with the aim of enhancing and strengthening your privacy . The latest updates incorporate numerous security measures that you may have overlooked and that are essential to add extra protection to all your messages. You will have to configure some of these options manually, but others are already entered by default. Do you want to know what functions these are? Stay because we are going to review them all.

Lately there have been numerous cases of cyber threats that have attacked the privacy of WhatsApp user numbers. Specifically, criminals pose as trusted people to ask you to send them a code that has arrived in your WhatsApp account by mistake, when in reality it is credentials that belong only to you. Of course, at no time should you give up this type of information because you would become a victim of scams and fall into the networks of these cybercriminals.

Consequently, the Meta messaging application has launched a set of functions that increase the level of security in your most personal conversations so that your information is kept safe. However, to have this substantial change on your Android or iOS phone you must make some very simple adjustments.

New security features in WhatsApp

WhatsApp is the means of communication most used by Spaniards and one of the most used globally. There are currently more than 2 billion accounts registered on the platform and it has become one of the main access routes for cybercriminals.

Therefore, you must take into account all the security functions that it has incorporated in the latest updates, such as the end-to-end encryption of messages , with sending secret codes that can only be deciphered by the person who receives them, or the verification in two steps , a maximum security process to log in to your account. But there are other types of settings that you can manually adjust from the application.

Block chats

You can protect your messages with the chat blocking function so that conversations are grouped in a folder that you can only access with a password or fingerprint. It also prevents notifications from being displayed on the screen. To activate it you must do the following:

  • On your WhatsApp chats screen, select the profile of a person or group.
  • Look for the Block chats option.
  • Confirm that you want to use your biometrics or a password to access these conversations with the user.

Next, you will see that the chats are blocked, showing a folder with the name “Locked Chats” and you will only be able to access it with the credentials you have established.

Silence calls

In WhatsApp you have the function of silencing calls from strangers , which will not show notifications but will be recorded in the “Calls” tab of the application so you can review them whenever you want. To activate this option, you have to follow these steps:

  • You must enter the WhatsApp settings.
  • Press the Privacy section.
  • Scroll down to find the Calls section and activate the box.

Other automatic functions

There is another series of functions that have been incorporated gradually and automatically, which you should know to know that your account is even more protected.

For one, if you want to transfer your account from an old phone to a new one, identity verification is required . To do this, WhatsApp will ask you to confirm that you are switching to another device from the old one, in order to warn you that someone is trying to access your account from another device.

Likewise, we have the function of blocking and identifying possible connection attempts by cyber attackers to our device, in such a way that WhatsApp will prevent malware or any other type of cyber threat from entering that tries to steal our data.

Automatic security codes are also available so that when you enter the encryption option by clicking on the contact’s profile, you will see that WhatsApp automatically verifies the end-to-end encryption without having to configure anything.

Where to see all the privacy features?

If you want to see all the privacy functions that the messaging platform integrates, you should take this tour:

  • Click on WhatsApp settings and enter Privacy.
  • A box will appear at the top to start reviewing the different privacy settings.
  • You can review all the sections, such as who can connect to you, control your personal information, add more privacy to your chats and more protection to your account.
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