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Proscenic T21, the oil-free fryer available for 100 euros, I explain it to you on video

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Oil-free fryers are becoming more and more common in kitchens. They save time and money, they are easy to use, and they allow you to prepare food without the use of oil, so everything ends up being much healthier.

For the past few weeks I have been testing the Proscenic T21a fryer currently available for 104 euros on amazon, fryer classified as A +++ in terms of energy consumption.

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Its characteristics are not particularly different from what we can find in the sector: 1700W, 5.5 liter tank, 2 kg weight… what it is notable is its integration with the Proscenic appwhere we have more than 100 recipes and the possibility of remotely controlling the fryer, seeing what it is doing at all times and being able to configure it as if it were a Thermomix.

Here is the video before I give my impressions:

It is not the first fryer without oil that I have tried, but it is the first, of all of them, that has an integration with the app that I really like.

Advantages and disadvantages

It is a fryer with materials in metal and plastic, aluminum interior, easy to wash (In fact, you could put the tray in the dishwasher, although the tap is enough). It is a bit difficult to insert the tray, you have to use some force, but that gives me more confidence that everything is in its place, that I will not have unpleasant surprises.

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Is very intuitive. It already has predefined times for various dishes, and the app offers dozens of recipes for pizzas, meats, fish, pastries… it’s almost impossible to make a mistake. As there is no oil (although it can be spread over the food to make it more crispy), everything is cleaner, nothing splashes anywhere, and no extra plates or napkins are needed to absorb the fat.

The integration with the app it’s good The T21 connects via WiFi, after entering the password, of course. Once done, we can control it from the app, see its status, configure the recipes, set the preheat mode… It is much better to use the app than the recipe book that comes with the fryer, since said book is only in english, while the app is in Spanish (with translations that could be improved, but it is perfectly understood). I hope they expand the number of recipes, with sections like “what can I do with what I have in the fridge).

Their price is also quite affordable. With the T22 model on the market, the T21 has dropped to 104 euros, making it easier to incorporate it into our kitchen.

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As against, the same that would give in any fryer of this type. They are big, very large, a significant space is needed in the kitchen, but that is not something that can be avoided if we consider how they work inside. There is a sizable fan that pushes the air down where the resistor is. The hot air circulates through the space where the food is, cooking it in a very short time. For this it is necessary to have space for the fan and space to put the food, there is no magic that avoids it. You can’t put anything on top of T21, so it’s wasted space. It would be ideal if it had a support that would allow us to take advantage of the upper surface, so that we can put dishes, for example, without damaging the fryer.

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