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Project: Prepare data for the solar weather station as a JSON object

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Our weather station should now permanently store the data including the time of measurement and make it compatible with the weather mill.

In good time before the interesting weather phenomena such as storms and cold occur in autumn 2022, we are upgrading our solar-powered weather station with a few important details. In times of climate change, it would be interesting to later access the weather data from 2022. Maybe it will turn out that the summer of 2022 will have to be described as cool.

So our station needs a storage medium. An SD card is ideal for this. It is up to you to decide whether you want a normal or micro version. The corresponding modules with the card slots are connected in the same way. A micro SD card is used in this guide. However, the data stored there can only be used meaningfully if the respective measurement time is also known. This is provided by the clock in the station’s ESP32 chip, which is previously provided with the exact time from an Internet server. And so that the data can also be processed as universally as possible, for example with a spreadsheet program such as Excel, the data is CSV format (cgrandma sseparated values, comma separated values) are written to the memory card. A separate folder is created for each year.

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And then there is still something to be done: In the article you will find the building instructions for the weather mill, which shows the wind direction, speed, temperature and more in an original way, so it is a real eye-catcher. It usually obtains the weather data from the Internet service OpenweatherMap, but can also listen to our own weather station if it sends its data in the appropriate format, namely as a JSON object. That’s exactly what we’re going to teach her in this article.


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