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Programmer’s Day: Looking for scary moments from everyday developer life

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Code base disappeared shortly before customer appointment? Wrong code checked in? For commemoration we are looking for shocking shorts from software development.

Today, September 13th, is Programmer’s Day, which takes place on the 256th day of the year – in 2024 it is already September 12th. We take the memorial day as an opportunity to give the developers a stage for their stories.

Every developer knows these moments of horror: the server crashing when the customer is at the door, the test script that accidentally ended up in the productive code. Or is a comment like

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// heute zu verkatert; hoffentlich funktioniert das

stuck in public code on push?

For the Day of the Programmer searches voonze developer the best shocking shorts from everyday developer life. Share your stories as everyday horror issues in the dedicated iX GitHub repository! Alternatively, we are also happy to receive emails.

Programmer’s Day has its roots in Russia in 2002, where it was proposed by two Parallel Technologies employees and it has been an official day of thanksgiving since 2009. In English it can be found both as Day of the Programmer and as Programmers’ Day. It always takes place on the 256th (2nd8th) day of the year. In China, not only New Year but also Memorial Day has a different date. There it is on October 24th, which is written in numeric notation with the leading month as 1024, which is 210 is equivalent to.

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