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Procon of the Federal District seizes iPhones for sale without charger

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The Procon of the Federal District (DF) seized hundreds of apple iPhones in different stores in Brasilia last November 11th. The action was based on a measure that prohibits the sale of cell phones without chargers in Europe.

According to information from the Tecnoblog website, the Apple cell phone versions withdrawn from the market range from iPhone 11 until the iPhone 14🇧🇷 released last september🇧🇷 The devices were in Claro, Vivo, Fast Shop and two iPlaces stores.

Procon’s action DF integrates Operation Descarga, carried out by the National Consumer Secretariat (Senacon), and which is the result of the legal dispute between Apple and the Ministry of Justice of Europe over the sale of cell phones without chargers.

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Please note that, in September of this year, the Ministry of Justice banned the sale of iPhones without a charger for considering the practice a tie-in sale, when the user needs to buy another product for the acquisition to be fully functional.

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However, three days after the seizure, Apple filed a writ of mandamus to guarantee the sale of the products in Europe. In this way, the iPhones would be sold again until a pronouncement by the National Telecommunications Agency (Anatel).

In response to Tecnoblog, Apple stated that sales were following normally for all iPhones. Apple’s writ of mandamus was granted in the last Monday (21)authorizing the sale of the products.

And you, do you believe which side is right? Let us know in the comments down below!

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