Problems with your Android Auto? Don’t worry, you are not alone

android auto synchronization problems

Software updates can cause certain incompatibilities and, until they are resolved, can become a nuisance, depending on the device they affect. In this case, it is Android Auto which, after its last update, seems to have stopped working for some users.

If you’re Android Auto user, It is possible that as a result of the last update you have noticed how it has stopped responding or works with a certain slowdown when running certain applications. Since the beginning of this month of November, many users have reported connection problems, which result in a bad user experience when it comes to being able to use it when we go in our vehicle.

Although it was initially related to the lack of support Android 14, The reality is that Android 13 users are currently also experiencing the same problems, so it seems that there is no relationship between the version and the detected problem. However, it does seem that the existence of the problem has a lot to do with the brand of the terminal, as we will explain below.

Xiaomi users, the main affected

He only common denominator What has been found, so far, in all the complaints has been that this problem has most affected users who use Xiaomi brand mobile phones. So it is most likely that there is some incompatibility between the Asian giant’s devices and the latest versions of Android Auto. However, at the time of writing, Google has yet to provide an explanation for this.

Normally, the answer to this type of problem is to restart the device or clear the cache. Or even ultimately delete the app and install it again, avoiding possible background processes that have gotten stuck at some point. However, it seems that none of the above works in this case, and that the problem is somewhere in the code that they will have to rewrite once they detect where the problem is.

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The solution is through another phone

The only way to use Android Auto for all users who have been affected by this problem to use another phone for the moment. Otherwise, we will find ourselves caught in a loop trying to find the right solution or configuration, but we will continue without being able to re-synchronize our vehicle with our phone effectively to be able to take advantage of all the possibilities that Android Auto offers us.

While all this is happening, it has recently been made official that Android Auto 11.0 is now available for download. However, in the first phase of the deployment of this new update, it will only be available to users participating in the application’s beta program. While it is true that it is expected that in the coming weeks, the landing is complete for all users, for now only a smaller number of users will be able to enjoy the new features.

For now, the most notable new features are the activation of the disconnect button to unlink synchronized devices and the possibility of installing custom wallpapers. In addition to greater system stability. We will continue to monitor its general deployment and how it affects the final user experience.