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Problems with Facebook! The app eats the battery of your mobile

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The mobile battery is essential for its operation and daily use. Without it, we would not be able to carry out all the actions that we undertake daily with our smartphones, which have become an indispensable part of our lives. Therefore, with the constant use and dependence we have on our mobile devices, it is essential that the battery has a good life and charge. A weak or faulty battery can negatively affect our productivity and communication. It is important to pay attention to the battery life and charge the device adequately to ensure its proper functioning, but also to pay attention to those apps that are consuming more. facebook sucks the life out of our mobile… Deliberately! According to George Hayward, a former Facebook employee, it seems that the American company is not clean wheat. Hayward has directly accused the company of engaging in dubious legal practices. Among them, according to the testimony of this former Meta worker, is deliberately and extremely consuming the batteries of the smartphones that have the app installed on their system. George Hayward maintains and defends that both the Facebook application and the associated Messenger to talk privately with friends or acquaintances have the possibility of consuming your battery at high speed. The former Meta employee has revealed that this procedure was called behind the scenes as “negative testing”, and was used by the company’s engineers to experiment with the new functions. By the way, do you know with whom they experienced these changes? Indeed, with us, the users. “I don’t know if the end justifies the means, but using users as makeshift guinea pigs is moot at best,” said George Hayward, adding that “I warned the manager that this could hurt someone. She told me that it was a lesser evil, and that by hurting a few we would help many. What have been the legal actions taken by Hayward? Obviously, George Hayward has not been slow to denounce Facebook before the Federal Court of Manhattan. His main argument is not the extreme consumption of a smartphone’s battery through the company’s apps, but the fact that the American company has used its own customers as experimental subjects. Dan Keizer, a specialized lawyer, has assured that “this practice is illegal”, adding that “it is outrageous that someone can manipulate your phone and consume your battery on purpose”. At the moment, Facebook has not issued any official statement to defend itself against Hayward’s accusations, but it seems that the former Meta worker has a lot of documentation and evidence to present in the New York courts. >

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