Problems for Android Auto: What is happening with Google?

The Android Auto redesign remains a thorny issue within Google. The company has been working on its development for many years and seems to have made almost no progress since then. We have to go back to September 2021 to find the first leak of this new design of driving functionality, but it was last year when the company made the long-awaited announcement official… halfway. Google moved the so-called Coolwalk interface to a test version considered as beta last November. Almost three months have passed since then and the promise of having a stable version this same month of January does not seem to be fulfilled. Despite everything, some lucky ones have enjoyed early access to this new design of Android Auto and it seems that the technological giant has released the 8.7 patch on the Play Store. Unfortunately, the update doesn’t bring the long-awaited redesign. What happened to Android Auto 8.7 at Google? According to information released on social media, a large majority of users have been able to update Android Auto to version 8.7 through the Google store. This new patch brings with it the following modifications Inclusion of new features Bug fixes Other than that, there is no Coolwalk interface nor is it expected. It does not matter that you have updated the application on your smartphone. Android Auto 8.7 does not come with the Google redesign that had been announced in previous months. In fact, there are some users of the application who claim to have been able to enjoy the new Android Auto interface with previous versions, such as 8.6 and even 8.5x. Therefore, the new Google patch has not automatically associated the Coolwalk redesign to be enjoyed by users. Basically, we will have to wait for the tests to finish and install an update of the patch itself soon to use the interface. Why is the Coolwalk interface taking so long? The big question that users are asking now is why so much delay. Some suspect that it is because it is giving problems and does not quite work correctly. However, taking into account the professionalism of Google and the importance that the company gives to all its work, the most likely thing is that Coolwalk supposes a significant renewal of Android Auto. Therefore, they will not launch it officially and definitively until they are sure that everything is going as it should. This type of redesign ends up affecting the user experience, something that the technology giant has been taking care of for decades. >