Privacy Sandbox is here, in beta, to balance privacy and advertising needs

privacy sandbox is here, in beta, to balance privacy and
privacy sandbox is here, in beta, to balance privacy and


It seemed that it might be a matter of little release Privacy Sandbox on Android, instead, an almost exact year has passed since the announcement of 2022. Time it took Google to fine-tune the beta that is available today on products with the operating system of the green robot, a year in which Mountain View worked closely with the sector in search of feedback that would improve the product.

Now, Google announces, we enter a new phase, that of the first beta of Privacy Sandbox for eligible Android devices, so developers and ordinary users can test and evaluate new solutions in real-world contexts. Find out what they are “eligible Android smartphones” but it is impossible currently, we will know over time. The implementation will be gradualspecifies Google: we start from a small percentage of products with Android 13, in case you have one of those “selected” you receive a notification inviting you to try the new feature.

With the beta of Privacy Sandbox comes new APIs that do not track the activities we carry out on apps and websites, but it is a choice of the developers of the individual applications to implement them to start evaluating their effectiveness. The user’s participation in the beta can be managed from the device settings, thus being able see and act on the interests that apps can use to show relevant advertisements, participation which can be withdrawn at any time.

The goal that Google has set itself with the Privacy Sandbox is to balance the right to privacy of each with the need on the part of advertisers to have the necessary tools to carry out successful advertising campaigns. An evolution of digital advertising towards greater respect for user privacy, who moves away from activity tracking, “it is vital for the future of the mobile ecosystem to thrive”writes Google. “We will continue to work closely with developers, marketers and authorities”.