Privacy and permissions functionality will come to previous versions of Android

android 6 pemisos aplicaciones2
android 6 pemisos aplicaciones2

According to The Verge , Android will launch a permission functionality that until now was exclusive to Android 11. The new function removes the permissions of applications from time to time, especially if we use them infrequently. This is a big step for the operating system that had been criticized for this since its inception.

And it is that many applications ask us for permission to access contacts, messages, camera, microphone and much more. We may be willing to give them at some point, but if we stop using the application there is no point in giving them that permission. Especially if we do not know what they do with this private information.

Privacy in every update

Android 11 (and onwards) will detect expired permissions and will force us to check if we want to continue allowing them in each update of the app. And now the users of the previous versions will receive the same notifications to avoid problems. We are talking about the owners of a smartphone with Android 6 onwards.

To activate this option, we must first wait until Google releases it in December. Once it is available, the phone will have to be updated to its latest version together with Google Services. Then we must review the privacy options to activate the option in all applications, if it is not already active when updating the smartphone.

Android permissions.

This may be annoying for some, but this feature is made for us to automatically deny permissions and decide which ones are convenient for us and which ones are not. Before this novelty, the opposite happened, we granted permissions automatically and we had to decide which ones to deny, but hardly anyone bothered to do this.