Prince of Persia, the 1989 masterpiece is also played on the Apple Watch


For the next crisis of desire for vintage video games, and while the weekend is upon us, we recommend a healthy dose of Prince of Persia … For smartwatches. You don’t even need to install an app – the project is all in Javascript, so you go through your system browser. Touch controls are supported, and the game resolution is virtually identical to the original, released in 1989 on Apple computers (Apple II, to be precise).

There are confirmations that the game works on Apple Watch and Samsung Galaxy Watch 3. But expanding a little, practically any device more or less recently equipped with a browser (so even a smartphone, a tablet or a computer, to say) can play without problems. For the Apple watch, since the browser is not freely accessible, it is necessary to send the URL in some way; the ideal is via a message or an email. Then just open the email and click on the link.

Prince of Persia was one of the great hits of the legendary Jordan Mechner, who developed and designed the game pretty much all by himself. Mechner not only launched one of the longest-running and most recognized video game franchises in history, also producing the sequel The Shadow and the Flame, but was also among the pioneers of fighting games, with his Karateka which dates back to 1984 (again for Apple II). Mechner then returned to Prince of Persia with the highly acclaimed 2003 reboot The Sands of Time, as a creative consultant and designer.