Priceline and Google team up to reinvent the travel planning experience with generative AI


Priceline, a well-known online travel agency, is preparing to introduce a new generation of technology to its platform. In partnership with Google, the company plans to implement generative artificial intelligence on its website, giving users a more sophisticated chatbot and personalized hotel suggestions that will act as “personal concierges.”

Martin Brodbeck, Priceline’s chief technology officer, revealed that the company is in the process of integrating these innovative tools into its platform to offer travelers a richer and more convenient experience.

Google’s generative AI will boost the ability to write and obtain accurate information on Priceline

New tools from Google’s cloud division will give Priceline access to generative AI, including technologies like ChatGPT, capable of redacting text as if it were written by a human. In addition, these tools will extract relevant data, such as hotel prices, to ensure the accuracy of the information provided to users. This collaboration between Priceline and Google will allow travelers to enjoy more efficient and personalized trip planning.

In a market saturated with travel options, Priceline is constantly looking for innovative ways to differentiate itself. Its direct competitor, Expedia Group, has already implemented ChatGPT into its mobile app to provide travelers with inspiration and booking options. By joining Google in this effort, Priceline aims to position itself as a leader in AI integration in the travel industry. Even Kayak, another Booking Holdings-owned site, has embraced this technology in its trip suggestion features.

While Google has long been a competitor in the online travel market, the partnership with Priceline is primarily based on Google’s cloud capabilities. The ability to develop generative AI applications has attracted numerous companies of late, according to Thomas Kurian, CEO of Google Cloud. This innovative approach is generating an explosion moment in the field of artificial intelligence.

The potential of generative AI in the travel industry

The implementation of generative AI at Priceline will open up a range of opportunities to improve the traveler experience. For one, the technology will allow hundreds of software developers on Priceline to receive coding suggestions generated by Google’s AI.

In addition to its primary intended use, Google’s search capabilities will be used to enhance Priceline employee intranets. Similarly, generative AI will be harnessed to boost marketing for trendy destinations, by combining compelling images and copy.

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