President Joe Biden will speak to the FTC for the right …

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43005 83589 36929 69052 apple repair xl xl.jpg

President Joe Biden plans to lead the US government against the Federal Trade Commission to write new rules aimed at strengthening consumers’ ability to repair their own devices.

President Joe Biden to ask the FTC to regulate the right to repair

The presidential directive is expected to mention smartphones like the iPhone, Bloomberg reported Tuesday. However, the FTC will ultimately decide the size and scope of the presidential directive.

President Biden is expected to publish the executive order in the next few days. On Friday, White House economic adviser Brian Deese; He said the order will be written broadly to drive “more competition in the economy; serving lower prices for American families and higher wages for American workers. “

In addition to technology manufacturers, the petition could also benefit farmers; They face expensive repair costs from tractor and other equipment manufacturers. It could put additional regulations on Defense Department contractors.

Currently, the right to repair at the state level is being considered by nearly half of the states in the US For example, in June, the New York State Senate voted to advance a right to redress bill. ; and the US Department of Law and House lawmakers introduced a repair law that could implement national rules guaranteeing the right of consumers and third-party stores to repair electronic devices.

In 2020, the European Parliament also voted to implement new right to redress regulations that could require companies to provide remedies to third parties.

Apple has aggressively lobbied against right-to-repair legislation across the United States, citing concerns about consumer safety and device safety. However, internal communications obtained during an antitrust investigation suggest that, among Apple executives, there is currently no consensus on the matter.