Premieres that arrive at Movistar Plus+ in March 2023: all the series and movies

Premieres that arrive at Movistar Plus+ in March 2023: all the series and movies
premieres that arrive at movistar plus+ in march 2023: all

The platform Movistar Plus+ -owned by Telefónica- has already scheduled its premieres for the month that is about to start and, as usual, there are more movies than series. The point is that there is a good amount of news that will make you have a great time when you are at home calmly sitting in the armchair in the living room.

Of all the series that come to the VOS service, possibly the one that attracts the most attention is the one entitled The fifth day. A thriller with a lot of action created in Europe and that puts humanity in check by a marine organism that wants to defend its environment to ensure a survival that it does not have. A group of scientists is in charge of solving the problem. But it will not be easy and it may cost them much more than they expect. Its premiere is on March 13.

Funny, hilarious and even grotesque. This is how you can classify the film Bullet Train. Starring Brad Pitt and with constant action on the bullet train in Japan, it’s one of those creations that leaves you trapped until it’s over, because if you miss a couple of minutes you pay for it -because you lose the thread-. Very entertaining and with a fantastic script (adapted from a novel), it is one of the options that we recommend that you do not miss on March 3. You will not regret.

More premieres on Movistar Plus+ for March 2023

This is the that we think you shouldn’t miss in the event that you have access to the platform we are talking about. The list of movie and series premieres is as follows:

Series in March 2023

  • Yellowjackets: Season 2 premieres March 24
  • Sorry for the inconvenience: season one premiere on March 30

Films in March 2023

  • The visitor from the future: premiere on March 1
  • Cry Macho: premiere on March 4
  • Men: premiere on March 5
  • Coffee Wars: premiere on March 7
  • Tadeo Jones 3. The emerald table: premiere on March 10
  • Death, death, death: premiere on March 11
  • The Williams Method: Premiere March 12
  • Two are a crowd: premiere on March 14
  • You will not have my hate: premiere on March 14
  • Brute Force: premiere on March 15
  • Dune: premiere on March 17
  • The forgiven: premiere on March 18
  • Between life and death: premiere on March 19
  • The ballad of bad luck: premiere on March 21
  • Ali & Ava: Premiere March 21
  • Mom don’t tangle: premiere on March 22
  • The beast: premiere on March 24
  • Point of view: premiere on March 25
  • Suro: premiere on March 26
  • Say it loud and loud: premieres on March 28
  • Linoleum: premiere on March 28
  • It’s his life: premiere on March 29
  • My God, but what have you done to us?: premiere on March 31


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