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Premieres that arrive at Movistar Plus + in July 2022: series, movies and documentaries

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If you are one of those who have access to the television service Movistar Plus+, surely you want to know what is new on the platform we are talking about. Well, we show you the most interesting thing that you will be able to enjoy now that we are in summer. There is good news in series and movies.

One of the novelties that will surely catch your attention and that will allow you to have a good time is the film Spider-Man: No Way Home. This new installment of the Marvel hero has unexpected twists where you can fully enjoy everything this arachnid character does accompanied, among others, by Doctor Strange. A film full of effects and action that is ideal for when you have free time. You can see it on July 8.

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There is also a very interesting series that premieres on the VOD service we are talking about. This is called The cleaner and it arrives on July 25. The plot in which the life of a person whose job it is to eliminate all the remains of crime scenes is narrated, will take you to a world where everything is unexpected and that will make you laugh much more than you can think.

The rest of the premieres on Movistar Plus + in July 2022

We leave you below the rest of the new options that land on the television service that Telefónica has and that, for sure, will ensure that you have a good time for more than a while wherever you go holidays. They are the following:


  • Grace: Season Two on July 15
  • Finding a life in Brooklyn: second season on July 29


  • Last night in Soho: July 1
  • Three floors: July 12
  • Love in its place: July 15 (7/15)
  • Fireheart: July 16
  • Near you: July 19
  • Years of drought: July 22
  • The Dark Daughter: July 23
  • Little Queen: July 26
  • Inexorable: July 27
  • The last look: July 30


  • Video Kill the Radio Star: July 1
  • Jeremy Thomas, a life of cinema: July 7
  • Crimes: new season on July 11
  • The Londongrad Murders: July 11
  • Dynasty: Season Two on July 12
  • The Last Dinosaurs with David Attenborough: July 13
  • The mountain range of dreams: July 14
  • Chernobyl declassified: July 21
  • River: July 21
  • David Attenborough and the Prehistoric Mammoth: July 27
  • Kiko Poison. Only in Seville: July 28
  • Jamie Lee Curtis: July 29

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