Premieres that arrive at Filmin in February 2023: all the series and movies

Premieres that arrive at Filmin in February 2023: all the series and movies
premieres that arrive at filmin in february 2023: all the

If there is a streaming video platform different in Spain, this is Filmin. The contents that it offers are not the usual ones found in commercial circuits, and this gives it a touch of distinction that many appreciate. We tell you about the premieres in series and movies that arrive in the month of February 2023 at the service.

The revival of the mythical series of doctor in alaska It is what attracts the most attention among all the new that has been prepared. A newly licensed doctor is assigned to an Alaskan town that is, to say the least, particular about the people who live there. Joel Fleischman doesn’t quite fit in, but that will gradually change. Legendary dialogues and an excellent plot that will make you spend idle hours enjoying what you see, it comes in a remastered format so that this cult creation can continue to be fully enjoyed. It opens on February 7.

If you have to choose a movie, possibly this is it. Before, Now & Then. A story of overcoming that shows how hard it is to reinvent yourself in reality. With a fantastic performance, he won a Silver Bear at the Berlin Festival for it, it is a creation that will leave you almost speechless and you will surely have an excellent time verifying that what comes from Asia is much more than The Squid Game. You can see it on February 17.

The rest of the premieres on Filmin for February 2023

We leave you the list of everything that is released on the platform and that, therefore, you can enjoy between series and movies (and, to be sure, it’s not bad by number, it must be said). The following is what you should have well noted in your agenda so as not to miss anything new in the VOD service:

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  • Clash of Futures 1918-1939: Premiere February 3
  • Grantchester: Season 5 premieres on February 3
  • The Curse: premieres on February 14
  • Stonehouse: premiere on February 21
  • We Are Lady Parts: premiere on February 28


  • 99 Moons: premiere on February 3
  • The water: premiere on February 3
  • A criminal lesson: premiere on February 10
  • Inside the Chelsea Hotel: Premiere February 10
  • Dance with life: premiere on February 10
  • The master of actors: premiere on February 17
  • The Integrity of Joseph Chambers: premieres on February 17
  • Hilma: premiere on February 24
  • Jerk: premiere on February 24