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Premieres for the week of May 1, 2023 on Netflix, Prime Video, HBO Max, Disney+ and Movistar Plus+

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the first week of May 2023 is a reality and, with it, new premieres on different video platforms in streaming that there is in Spain. We show you the options that we believe you should be very clear about so you don’t miss out on the best that comes both in terms of series and movies.

The most striking series of all that arrives is called The White House plumbers. A crazy story that narrates a key moment in US history (Nixon’s problems due to the Watergate scandal) and that puts an administration in check because of the historical moment that was being lived. The point is that the agents who have to protect the president from leaks end up overthrowing him and, the truth is that it is an excellent way to pass the time because we are talking about an entertaining creation that stars Woody Harrelson, Justin Theroux and Lena Headey. Premiere on hbo max on May 2.

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Now it’s time for the movie Irati, which can be seen on Prime Video from May 5. The creation is about adventures and the truth is that without being the best that exists, it does allow you to have a good time watching it. With a duration of 1:54 minutes, it is a possibility that is not entirely bad and that can fit perfectly to be the family choice among the premieres that arrive in the first week of May. Of course, do not expect anything crazy in special effects and others … it is more a curiosity than anything else.

The rest of the premieres in the week of May 1 on the platforms

We leave you below the lists of the options that you should not miss among all the movies and series that are new to the different VOD services that there is in Spain and that now arrive in the first week of May 2023. This is what we believe is most important:


  • Rainbow High: season three premiere on May 1
  • Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story: Season 1 premieres May 4
  • Peter Rabbit 2: On the Run: premiere on May 4
  • The Sumo Apprentice: Season One Premiere May 4


  • Unicorn: Warriors Eternal: season one premiere on May 5

Prime Video

  • Halloween Kills: Premiere May 4
  • Hasta la madre de la día de las madres!: premiere on May 5


  • A small light protecting Anne Frank: premiere of the first season on May 2
  • Ed Sheeran: The Sum of It All: Premieres May 3
  • Star Wars: Visions: season two premiere on May 4

Movistar Plus+

  • Decision to leave: premiere on May 2
  • All Creatures Great and Small: Season 3 premieres May 3


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