Premieres for the week of March 20, 2023 on Netflix, Prime Video, HBO Max, Disney+ and Movistar Plus+

Premieres for the week of March 20, 2023 on Netflix, Prime Video, HBO Max, Disney+ and Movistar Plus+
premieres for the week of march 20, 2023 on netflix,

And we have crossed the equator in March 2023 and the different streaming platforms in Spain have prepared their premieres. We show you the most striking so that you do not miss any of the movies or series that you can enjoy quietly at home or wherever you are.

Of the series, the best you’ll find is on Netflix, and it’s an action-packed option called the night agent. It takes the idea from a Matthew Quirk novel that tells the story of an FBI agent who has a rather vulgar and unattractive job in the White House. But everything changes because of a call that makes him aware of a conspiracy and, obviously, he has to take action on the matter. He stands out for being fun and without big problems so that it fits with all the members of the family. You can see it from the 23rd on the largest streaming video platform there is today.

Among the films, the one we highlight is the one entitled The beast. It premieres on March 24 on Movistar Plus+ and, among its attractions, it has to put Idris Elba in front of the camera. This actor, who is capable of eating up the screen with great ease, plays a doctor who arrives in South Africa to spend a few days with his daughters enjoying the wildlife. But everything goes wrong when they begin to be stalked for days in the field. Good entertainment with very high peaks of tension that, yes, we should not expect her to be nominated for the Academy Awards.

The rest of the premieres that you can see this week

We leave you the list of additional options that you can see in the streaming services that exist in Spain and that, as always, there is everything and in good quantity. This is what you should not miss:


  • Gabby’s Dollhouse: Season 7 Premieres March 20
  • Waco: Texas Apocalypse: Season 1 premieres March 22
  • Lauchhammer: Death in Lusatia: premiere on March 22
  • Who are we running from, mom ?: premiere of the first season on March 24
  • I’m Georgina (Reality): premiere of the second season on March 24


  • Acoustic Home: Season 2 premieres March 24

Prime Video

  • Smile: premiere on March 22
  • Perfect addiction: premiere on March 24


  • Up Here: season one premieres March 24

Movistar Plus+

  • Ali & Ava: Premiere March 21
  • The ballad of bad luck: premiere on March 21
  • Mom not in networks: premiere on March 22
  • Yellowjacket: Season 2 Premieres March 24
  • Suro: premiere on March 26


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