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Premieres for the week of April 24, 2023 on Netflix, Prime Video, HBO Max, Disney+ and Movistar Plus+

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An excellent way to start the week is to know the premieres that you will be able to enjoy during this stop in the streaming platforms that you do not get bored in a moment at home. We are going to show you the best that you should know and, therefore, that it is more than recommended that you write down so that you do not forget where something that all your friends will talk about begins.

We believe that the best that lands you will find on Prime Video in the form of a series. This is titled Citadel and it is a creation that is among the most expensive that have been shot in all of history. It is not a bad business card and you can check from April 28 if this is justified or not. The fact is that the plot, pure and simple action, in which two spies who are among the best in the world have to try to survive once their agency has been eliminated from the face of the earth. Good cast, highlights Richard Madden (yes, the one from Game of Thrones) and the truth is that it is entertaining for a while.

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Another of the options that we want to highlight is among the premieres that come to HBO Max. It is, once again, a series that talks about how an extramarital relationship ends with two sets of friends and, furthermore, this leads to an incredible ending where violence is present. The cast of love and death It is headed by an incredible -this time yes- Elisabeth Olsen and, the truth is, she captivates from the first minute. It opens on April 27 and, by the way, it is based on true events… be careful with this.

The rest of the premieres of the week of April 24

We show you everything you should keep in mind when appreciate what you want to describe as new in the most important streaming services that currently exist in our country. Is the next:


  • Love after love: premiere of the first season on April 26
  • Working Moms: Season 7 Premieres April 26
  • The dance of the fireflies: premiere of the last installment of the second season on April 27
  • Tubicán: premiere of the third season on April 27
  • Sweet Tooth: The Deer Boy: Season 2 Premieres April 27
  • Abominable: premieres on April 30


  • From: season two premieres on April 28
  • Headless Chickens: Season One Premieres April 28


  • Sam Meffire: Fall of a Saxon Symbol: Season One Premieres April 26
  • Peter Pan & Wendy: premiere on April 28

Movistar Plus++

  • Detective Knight: Last Mission: Premiere April 25
  • Manticore: premiere on April 26
  • The left-handed son: premiere of the first season on April 27
  • Journey to Paradise: premiere on April 28
  • The wild girl: premiere on April 29
  • Emily the Hustler: Premieres April 30

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