Premieres for the week of April 17, 2023 on Netflix, Prime Video, HBO Max, Disney+ and Movistar Plus+

Brian Adam

We are going to show you the premieres that are going to be part of the most important streaming video platforms in Spain. All of them are produced in the week that begins on April 17, and you will find both movies and series that will make you spend the time you are at home in front of the television wonderfully.

The second season of welcome to eden You will be able to see it on Netflix from April 21, and everything indicates that there will be an advance in the entire plot of this series that has a good number of followers. Those held on the island will begin to try to end the situation. But this does not stop the machinery of those who control everything in that place. A twist on what could be seen in the first installment and which, in principle, must be so striking, extravagant and tense.


In Movistar Plus+ a superhero movie lands that may be to the taste of many: batman. Starring Robert Pattison, who seems to be back as the lead in a sequel, the character of Bruce Wayne in this adaptation of the DC comics is something different and particular, something that makes many love it and others not so much. He does not lack the company of Catwoman, which is always a plus, and enemies in the form of a murderer and corrupt police are not lacking. It is added to the premieres of the platform on April 21.

More releases in for the week of April 17

This is the list of the most striking options that you should consider in this week that begins and where you will find both good quality series (some are even classics) and movies that will make you have a good time.


  • How to Amass a Fortune: Season One Premieres April 18
  • Chimpanzee Empire: Season One Premieres April 19
  • Power Rangers, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Yesterday, Today and Forever: Premiere April 19
  • Pálpito: premiere of the second season on April 19
  • The diplomat: premiere of the first season on April 20
  • Ada, Magnificent Scientist: Season 1 Premieres April 22
  • Tenet: premiere on April 23

Prime Video

  • To the bone: premiere on April 20
  • Inseparable: premiere of the first season on April 21


  • Barry: season four premieres April 17
  • For. Queens of the street: premiere of the second season on April 17
  • A wave of thirty meters: premiere of the second season on April 17


  • A botch at home: premiere of all seasons on April 19
  • How I Met Your Father: Season 2 Premieres April 19

Movistar Plus+

  • [1945:ThreeWomen:PremiereApril18
  • Marcel, the shell with shoes: premiere on April 19
  • Monte Cristo: premiere of the first season on April 21
  • The maternal: premiere on April 23