Premieres for the week of April 10, 2023 on Netflix, Prime Video, HBO Max and Movistar Plus+

We are going to show you the new options that come to the streaming platforms in the form of premieres for the second week of April 2023. With them, it is possible that the return from the Easter holidays that more than one usually chokes on will become a little more bearable. A good movie or series is an excellent option to pass the bad drink.

Among the series we want to highlight the fifth season of the series The wonderful Mrs. Maisel, a comedy that is the best that has existed for a long time on Prime Video. The story picks up where it left off, and which is the common thread of creation from the beginning: the protagonist’s fight to become famous in show business. To do this, she uses her great wit and speed of mind to create humor. Her personal life will be a complete puzzle that she will somehow have to fix. It arrives on April 14.

If what you want to see is a movie, of the possibilities that you should have well noted in your agenda, it is seven kings must die, which is one of the premieres that Netflix has scheduled for this week (specifically on April 14). It is the outcome of a series that is quite well known from the service, The Last Kingdom. It is historical while trying in its plot and action. It will be necessary to see if Uhtred de Bebbanburg decides to keep England in one piece or, in the end, his aspirations to the crown can be more.

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Rest of the training in the week for April 10, 2023

We leave you the list of the most important things that you should keep in mind when knowing what the different platforms they plan to launch for its users, both in terms of movies and series:


  • Police Chase: The Boston Marathon Bombing: Season One Premieres April 12
  • The mother-in-law who gave birth to you: premiere of the second season on April 12
  • A Man From Florida: Season One Premieres April 13
  • Phenomena: premiere on April 14
  • Queenmaker: premiere of the first season on April 14
  • Out in the open: premiere on April 14


  • #BringbackAlice: Season 1 Premieres April 14
  • A Black Lady Sketch Show: season four premiere on April 15

Prime Video

  • The village: season four premiere on April 14

Movistar Plus+

  • The Rebel Empress: premiere on April 12
  • A spy among friends: premiere of the first season on April 13
  • Nope!: premiere on April 14
  • Holy criminals: premiere on April 15
  • Vasil: premiere on April 16