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Premieres coming to Prime Video in July 2022: series, movies and documentaries

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The premieres that Amazon’s streaming video platform has planned for the month of July 2022 have been known. There are quite a few novelties that you will be able to enjoy and that ensure that, when you decide, you will have fun sitting in front of the television. We tell you the best that comes to Prime Video.

We won’t have to wait long to enjoy one of the great novelties that the VOD service has prepared in July 2022. Specifically, on day one a long-awaited action movie is released: the final list. This film starring Chris Pratt. In it, a soldier who returns after losing a good part of his companions in an ambush, discovers that what happened is not a coincidence and that there are forces that want to kill him and all his loved ones. A full-fledged blockbuster that will make you have a great time.

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Also most striking is a series that looks set to become an icon for many and is called Papergirls. Its premiere takes place on July 29 and the inspiration in a comic by Brian K. Vaughan and Cliff Chiang where several girls who deliver newspapers are submerged in a temporary whirlwind in which they will not know what to do with their lives and will have to help each other to escape what happens to them. Very creative and addictive, you will surely love it.

Other Prime Video releases in July 2022

Next, we leave the list of novelties that the Amazon platform plans to launch so that don’t be bored for a moment this summer. They are the following:

Don’t Make Me Go: Premiere on July 15 where the journey of a father and a daughter is narrated where the former wants to make up for the time he has not spent with the latter. The reason for doing this is a terminal illness and we are talking about a full-fledged road movie. Eye, there is a mystery that shapes the plot.

Scream (2022): the latest installment of this horror saga arrives again in movie format, recovering old protagonists, but with the same tension as always. Its premiere takes place on July 14, and it is an excellent possibility for lovers of films in which prefabricated tension is generated and a good amount of blood is seen. Have a fun time.

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Everything is possible: another of the films that arrive on the Prime Video platform where teenagers are the protagonists and the gender problems that currently exist are discussed from a simple and casual approach. Interesting for its surprising cast -because it’s new- that does it quite well. It arrives on July 22.

Ruby X: little to say about this creation, since it narrates as a documentary how this YouTube character has achieved overwhelming success. Explanations, narration of good and bad moments and, in addition, a life lesson that has lasted more than a decade. It opens on July 22.

Other news in the service

  • The Toad: July 8
  • The Perfect Man: July 8
  • Haikyuu!!: July 15
  • Forever Summer: Hamptons: July 15
  • Juan Lebrón: The evolution of paddle tennis: July 15
  • The Croods: A New Era – July 21
  • For life: July 21
  • Dog a wild ride: July 22
  • Ángel Nieto: The man who defeated time: July 22
  • Wild: July 28

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