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Premieres coming to Netflix in July 2022: series, movies and documentaries

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If one of the things that is clear to you during these holidays is that you are going to enjoy a large number of series and movies wherever you are, it is very possible that you are a subscriber to Netflix. Well, we are going to tell you what this platform plans to launch to date throughout the month of july 2022. And, by the way, there are some of the most interesting things.

Without a doubt, the big event takes place on the first day of July. This is none other than the Stranger Things season 4 finale, one of the best franchises that Netflix has and that has gone really well in the first part. Therefore, if you’re one of those who follows what’s going on with Hawkins’ group of friends, you’ll be able to find out… while you wait for the fifth and final installment of this excellent series by the Duffer brothers.

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Among the movies that Netflix premieres, one of the best options that you can enjoy the service in July 2022 and that is of its own creation is the unseen agent. This film opens on July 22. It has a very interesting cast with Ryan Gosling, Chris Evans and Ana de Armas, among others. Lots of action to spend a magnificent afternoon in front of the television you have at home. You must not stop watching it.

All Netflix releases in July 2022

We leave you all you can to enjoy on this streaming platform that, despite the fact that it is not having a particularly good time -and for this reason it will launch a new subscription with ads-, has a good number of new options that will surely ensure that you spend a wonderful month of July, which is one of the most that is.


  • My uncle is from another world: July 6
  • Control Z: Season 3 on July 6
  • Bad business: July 6
  • The World of Karma: Season 3 on July 7
  • The longest night: July 8
  • Capitani: Season Two on July 8
  • What a scare, aunt!: July 8
  • Zwnko: The Good Brigade: Season Two on July 11
  • Muaythai: Extreme Sport: July 13
  • Tune: Season 3 on July 13
  • Kung Fu Panda: Dragon Knight: July 14
  • Resident Evil: July 14
  • Farzar: July 15
  • Second nuptials: July 15
  • Mom, really?: July 15
  • A queen in her land: July 15
  • A place to dream: fourth season on July 20
  • Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous: Season Five on July 21
  • Rebel: Season Two on July 27
  • Keep Breathing: July 28
  • Fan: July 29
  • Detective Conan: Zero’s Teatime: July 29
  • Miss Jerusalem: Season Two on July 29
  • Unpaired: July 29


  • Hello, goodbye and everything that happened: the 6th of July
  • The sea monster: July 8
  • Jewel: July 8
  • Dangerous Liaisons: July 8
  • Hex: July 8
  • By Jojo: July 11
  • Under the Amalfi sun: July 13
  • The great magic show: July 15
  • Persuasion: July 15
  • Too Old for Fairy Tales: July 18
  • Pipe: July 27
  • Wounded Hearts: July 29


  • The girl in the photo: July 6
  • How to design an erotic room: on July 8
  • My daughter’s killer: July 12
  • How to change your mind: July 12
  • Log goes!: second season on July 13
  • DB Cooper: Where Are You?: July 13
  • Blown Away: Season Three on July 22
  • Street Food: USA: July 26
  • Reforms for all pockets: third season on July 27
  • The Most Hated Man on the Internet: July 27

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