Premieres coming to HBO Max in March 2023: all the series and movies

Premieres coming to HBO Max in March 2023: all the series and movies
premieres coming to hbo max in march 2023: all the

The news that the platform has planned for March 2023 are already known HBO Max so that those who have an account can make the most of the fee they pay monthly. We are going to show you the most striking thing that you should not miss both in the series that are released and in the movies that come to the service.

Among the series, the arrival of the fourth season of one of the heavyweights that the company has stands out: succession. Tension continues over the possible sale of the company owned by the Roy family, and this (again) generates a power struggle between them because not everyone is happy with the direction that is being taken. More well-structured tension for a creation that is almost mythical for all the good -which is a lot- that it offers and indicates that it will continue to have. It opens on November 27.

Among the films that come to HBO, the most striking for its novelty is House Party. It opens on March 3 and it is a comedy without very high pretensions… but it is entertaining. Crazy and with many twists, the main idea is that of a couple of friends who see the opportunity of a lifetime and try to take advantage of it, but they do it in the worst possible way -and problems keep coming.

The other HBO Max premieres in March 2023

This is the complete list of the premieres that you can enjoy on this platform that, without a doubt, offers very high-quality content. both in series and movies. This is what you should not miss:

Series in March 2023

  • Motel Valkirias: premiere of the first season on March 1
  • Perry Mason: season two premieres March 7
  • Rain Dogs (Buscar la vida): premiere of the first season on March 7
  • Riverdale: season five premiere on March 10
  • Superman & Lois: season three premiere on March 16
  • Snowfall: Season 6 premieres March 18

Films in March 2023

  • Blade: premiere on March 3
  • Blade 2: premiere on March 3
  • Blade Trinity: premiere on March 3
  • Poseidon: premiere on March 3
  • A Waltons Thanksgiving: Premiere March 3
  • Hell’s Kitchen: Premiere March 3
  • The arrival: premiere on March 3
  • Frequency: premiere on March 3
  • Hotel Transylvania: premiere on March 4
  • Hotel Transylvania 2: premiere on March 4
  • Hotel Transylvania: A Monster Vacation: Premieres March 4


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