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Premieres coming to HBO Max in January 2023: all the series and movies

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One of the platforms that stands out for the high quality of its content, this is HBO Max. Well, the news that it has prepared for the month of January 2023 has been known. And, the truth is that there are the most appetizing options that will surely fully convince you in the event that you have an active account.

Without a doubt, the most striking among the series is the premiere of the highly anticipated The Last of Us. With Pedro Pascal in one of the leading roles (the same one he plays as The Mandalorian), the adaptation of the well-known game takes viewers to a post-apocalyptic world where depending on others is not easy and achieving the goals set is much less easy. The setting is simply brutal. You can begin to see on January 16.

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In the case of looking for a good premiere film, possibly the most striking is Those who wish my death. A thriller where a teenager who has witnessed the murder of his father, what the creation we are talking about focuses on his escape, something that arrives on January 3 in the HBO Max catalog. A fire makes things very complicated for everything to end well… something that is not safe at all but with the help of a forest agent starring Angelina Jolie.

The rest of the news on HBO Max for January 2023

Without further ado, we are going to show you other options that you can enjoy throughout the first month of 2023 and that, the truth is, are quite striking both for quality and variety. This is what you should write down in your agenda to entertain yourself in the living room armchair:


  • Wahl Street: season two premieres on January 5. In this creation you will see how a businessman takes flight after the pandemic, but, yes, he will have to overcome many problems due to mistrust.
  • Velma: premiere on January 12. The protagonist is one of the companions of the famous Scooby-Doo, specifically the most insightful and intelligent. You will know what its origin is and, despite being an animated series, it is for adults.
  • Yolo: Crystal fantasies: Season 2 premieres on January 25. An adventure that continues where two friends look for different things in life and that is noticeable in their relationship.


  • In a neighborhood of New York: premiere on January 13
  • Godzilla vs. Kong: premiere on January 21


  • The Howard Stern Interview: Bruce Springsteen: Premieres January 1
  • Lizzo Live in Concert: premiere on January 1
  • Arny. History of an infamy: premiere on January 20

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