Premieres coming to HBO Max in April 2023: all the series and movies

Brian Adam

The best premieres that the platform has prepared have already been known HBO Max for the month of  April 2023. And, although they are not the most numerous, it can be said that there are some options that are of a quality that is beyond any doubt. We show you what you should not miss if you have an account in this VOD service.

We do not want to fail to mention that this is the moment chosen for the series to Barry comes to an end -complying with what its creators said at the time-, the fourth installment is the one that puts an end to the adventure of the protagonist, who is a hired assassin who wants to become an actor. With many awards behind him, the slowdown that is narrated as a comedy that makes excellent monuments pass, it will be necessary to see if the kind of interpretation in which the main character now hides is enough for him to continue with his life project . It premieres on HBO Max on April 17.


Another of the great arrivals for this month of April 2023 is Love & Death. It is a miniseries that arrives on the platform on April 27 and that, among other things, draws attention to the participation of actress Elizabeth Olsen. The story, based on a real murder from the 80s, which has its roots in the jealousy of two neighbors who are very good friends until the husband of one of them gets in the way of their relationship. The corpse of one of them was finally found with no less than 41 ax blows… a thriller full of lies and secrets, quite entertaining that makes for good times.

The rest of the striking HBO Max premieres in April 2023

This is the highlight we think you must not miss of the platform we are talking about and that, the truth is, it always arrives each month with some pearl that allows you to take advantage of the monthly payment that is paid to have access to its excellent catalog.

  • Dave: season two premiere on April 7
  • Bring Back Alice: Season 2 Premieres April 14
  • Headless Chickens: Season One Premieres April 28

It is important to note that this month there are no big premieresfor the least programmed so far, in what has to do with the films. If things change, we will update the information we have left.