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Premieres coming to Apple TV+ in March 2023: all series and movies

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If you are one of those who have an account in the service AppleTV++, we are going to show you everything that you will be able to enjoy as a premiere in the month of March 2023. There are important arrivals, both in the first seasons of the series and some that have already been a few -but that are fantastic-. This is what you should not miss out on everything that the company that has a bitten apple as its logo has prepared.

Among the novelties in the series, the third season of ted lasso It is the most striking, and to enjoy it you must wait until March 15. Following the rise of last season’s team, the challenge of the Premier League seems almost impossible for AFC Richmond, led by the quirky USA coach. Overcoming, as is the tonic in this creation -with large doses of optimism-, it remains to be seen if they are enough on this occasion. The same way of telling things, which is almost perfect, and everything is kept in its perfect balance to have a great time in each of the chapters, which always has something special as a moral for life.

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There is a film that has a peculiar title and that, to be sure, is most interesting. We talk about Tetris, which lands on the Apple platform on the 31st. It tells the story of how the well-known video game -which has had several generations hooked- managed to leave the borders of the Soviet Union, where its creator Alexey Pajitnov is from. It is a realistic creation told in a thriller tone, since we are talking about the years of the Cold War. It’s much more than it seems and, in addition, the performances are fantastic, as well as the narrative that is always kept very high, which makes it entertaining.

The rest of the premieres that arrive on Apple TV + in March 2023

Next, we leave you the list of the novelties that you can enjoy on the platform of the Cupertino company so that you do not miss anything because, as usual in this service, the quality of the creations is beyond any doubt. Is the next:


  • A Challenging Future: First Season Premiere March 17
  • My Country Music: Season One Premieres March 24
  • The prize of your life: premiere of the first season on March 29


  • Diary of an owl: premiere on March 31


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