Premieres coming to Apple TV+ in June 2023: all series and movies

Brian Adam

The company with the bitten apple already has everything planned in what has to do with the premieres on its streaming video platform AppleTV+ for the month of June 2023. We show you what is most interesting and, as always, quantity does not prevail, but quality among the series and films that are new to the service.

Possibly, the most striking thing you will find is a series that consists of seven chapters and that premieres on June 28 on Apple TV +. We refer to mid-air hijacking, a creation that has a very interesting cast: with Idris Elba and Archie Panjabi at the helm. It is an exciting thriller told in real time that tells the harrowing journey of a hijacked plane bound for London on a seven-hour flight. Throughout this intense plot, the authorities on land face difficult challenges in their search for answers.


In the series, Elba will give life to Sam Nelson, a resourceful businessman who is forced to take the initiative and use all his cunning to try to save the lives of passengers. However, his risky strategy could be his downfall. On the other hand, Panjabi will play Zahra Gahfoor, an anti-terrorist agent who is on the ground when the plane is hijacked and becomes involved in the investigation.

The other premieres on Apple TV + in June 2023

Next, we leave you the list with the different premieres that you can enjoy on the Apple platform that always has news that is interesting and, of course, very attractive.

The Crowded Room: The first season lands on Apple TV+ on June 9 and follows Danny Sullivan (played by Tom Holland), who is arrested after being involved in a shooting in New York City in 1979. This captivating thriller unfolds through a series of interviews with the intriguing interrogator Rya Goodwin (played by Amanda Seyfried), gradually revealing the details of Danny’s life and uncovering elements of his mysterious past. With unexpected twists, the protagonist will experience an epiphany that will completely transform his life.

Swagger: The second season of this series arrives on June 23 and is based on the experiences of NBA icon Kevin Durant, “Swagger” immerses us in the world of youth basketball, exploring how players, their families and coaches navigate through the fine line that separates dreams and ambition from opportunity and corruption. Beyond the field, this series shows us what it is like to grow up in the United States.

The second season features the participation of the stars O’Shea Jackson Jr., Isaiah Hill, Shinelle Azoroh. In addition, the series is added to the New additions by Orlando Jones and Shannon Brown.