Popular beach’s ‘frightening’ hidden discovery after man issues local warning

Greystones beachgoers have been warned after a local man had a near miss with a needle at a popular beach.

The man shared a picture of the syringe with its needle still intact that was hidden amongst the pebbles on the shore.

The man and his partner were on the North Beach over the weekend when they spotted the needle.

Sharing a picture on a local Greystones Facebook page, he warned: “Mind your step on the North Beach. Looks quite old so may have been washed ashore.”

The man said he later brought it to the local garda station where they safely disposed of the syringe and the needle in a hazardous waste bin.

Greystones man warns beach goers after his partner spots a needle on North Beach

Locals took to the comments following the “frightening” discovery with one person saying: “Fair play to you for taking it away. Some poor child could have been in hospital over it.”

Another person said: “Thank you so much for disposing of it safely. That’s frightening.”

A third person said: “Oh good lord, a big fear of mine. Thank you for disposing of it.”

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