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Poco X4 GT, analysis: as long as Poco plays the trick of price and power, failures do not count

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Far from trying to simplify an overwhelming catalog for the consumer, Little bit fills the most classic mid-range with new smartphones with which to find the differences between them, you almost have to study a master’s degree in Asian terminals “xiomized“.

The Poco X4 GT is presented in society with a clear premise: to be the king of gross performance in the most interesting mid-range for price. His last name gives him away. Everything else seems to matter a little less. Let’s see how the play turned out.

Technical sheet of the Poco X4 GT

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bit x4 gt


1080 x 2460px


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Mediatek Dimension 8100


Mali-G610 MC6

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128 / 256GB

front camera

16MP front camera (f/2.45)

rear cameras

Main: 64 MP, f/1.89
Wide: 8 MP, f / 2.2, 120º
Macro: 2MP, f/2.4



wireless connectivity


Wi-Fi 802.11ax

Bluetooth 5.3


operating system

android 12

MIUI 13 for Poco


Side fingerprint reader, accelerometer, ambient light sensor, gyroscope, compass and proximity sensor



67W turbo charging


163.6 x 74.2 x 8.87mm





A good and elegant smartphone

Little bit It has not been characterized precisely by aspiring to create mobile icons in most of its ranges. But it does not mean that a model that does not exactly go unnoticed does not leave us from time to time.

The design of the Poco X4 GT, despite its rebellious last name, is elegant thanks to the straight lines and the matte finish on its back, and is closer to a high-end than a mid-range one

However, the new Little X4 GT It is a smartphone that, surprisingly for the model it is, opts for discretion both in terms of the tones to choose from (black, gray and blue) and the finish, which is matte. And we love it.

In the model that we have analyzed, we have opted for a black mate (which does not completely avoid fingerprints but keeps them controlled) and the Poco X4 GT transmits a feeling of elegance and quality that not many brand terminals have managed to bring to hand.

The Mediatek Dimensity 8100 demonstrates strong brute and stability. But we can only choose a version with 8 GB of RAM

On a day-to-day basis, you can already imagine that with this Poco X4 GT, the fluidity of the interface and agility in any task It is also maximum supported by the sensation with the 144 Hz that we already indicated that it is convenient to force at all times with the terminal.

P1390006 Mp4 919 07 Still Image001

But we can’t help but glance at those 8 GB of RAM when we’re playing and want maximum satisfaction. If we proceed to measure gross yieldthis is how it looks with the competition:

Little F4

bit x4 Pro 5G


Little X4 GT




MediaTek Dimension 920

Mediatek Dimension 8100






















The Mediatek Dimensity 8100 also complies both at a thermal level, with very controlled temperatures at all times, and in sustained performance, where does not drop below 90% performance in all the usual tests to which we subject the best terminals on the market.


At the graphic level, there is a little more inconsistency and from the middle of the resistance test, the performance suffers a drop to almost half.

Screenshot 2022 07 06 18 54 56 205 Com Futuremark Dmandroid Application

In a smartphone designed so that we do not have problems when playing, cooling is key. The Little X4 GT The aim is to use the steam chamber and graphite layers to achieve better control of the generated temperature, which is always wanted to be dissipated in the most optimized way.

As we have indicated, the terminal fully achieves this, and its heating is not a problem to keep it in hand when we play and watch streaming videos.

P1380826 Mp4 62 07 Still Image001

Go for Android 12 hand in hand with MIUI 13

The Poco X4 GT has not neglected to debut directly under the baton of Android 12. It does so with the MIUI 13 layer, which draws attention from the outset with the good number of applications and games that are installed as standard.

Muiu 12

As usual for MIUI layers, there are many customization options to the delight of those users who want to spend time fine-tuning the behavior and appearance of their main terminal. What it has seemed to me is that, to be a MIUI, with the last update that jumped just when turning on the equipment, the layer gains in stability and good behavior.

Big battery with fast charge

The Little X4 GT It does not leave aside a great battery to give us just that extra that a team with a gaming cut needs. We have 5080 mAh with 67 W Turbo charging thanks to the charger that comes standard in the box.

Overcome a day and a half of intensive use without problem, the interesting thing about the new smartphones is on the side of their fast charge

With this capability, in our tests we have averaged about 28 hours of battery, which gives us more than a day of intensive use and up to two if we do not abuse the game or the camera. In total there have been between 7 and 8 hours of screen on average, something that in the end will also depend on the use you make of the terminal.

P1380794 Mp4 102 05 Still Image001

As we never get tired of repeating, reached the day of intensive use without any problem, the interesting thing in the new smartphones is fast charging. Here we have 67 W, charger included, which leaves us with a 50% battery (from between 5 and 10% and with connectivity all the time) in just 17 minutes according to our tests, as well as full charge in 43 minutes. What we don’t have is wireless charging.

Three cameras that are actually one

The Little X4 GT It does not forget that photography is what can really make a difference on a smartphone. But he is also aware that, outside the high range, the typical user seems to be looking more for the overall result of the terminal than for something concrete at the photographic level.

P1380816 Mp4 68 14 Still Image001

The camera module of the Poco X4 GT is a more than well-known combination with its configuration: a main sensor, the true protagonist, with 64MP (f/1.89, 6-element lens and 1.6 μm pixel size), a second 8 MP ultra-wide-angle element (f/2.2 and 120º field of view) and a third 2 MP macro sensor (f /2.4).

Of this combination, it should be noted that the macro sensor usually contributes little, that the wide angle offers little resolution and that the main camera does not have OIS.

Sample Dia Poco X4 Gt

Shooting in automatic mode with the main camera

From the overall experience with the camera of the Poco X4 GT, it should be noted that, despite the technical sheet of the terminal, the shot is not as agile as one expects in a mid-range terminal from 2022. But the interface is easy to use, with HDR accessible with a single touch, something we always prefer.

As expected, daytime results with the main camera are striking to the eye and well resolved for the potential market of this terminal.

Trim 100 Dia Automatic Poco X4 Gt

100% crop (main camera, auto shot)

The photos we get do not make big mistakes, they offer fair detail and in normal conditions we will obtain photographs that we can share with pride.

Image 20220707 131901

Main camera, interior and automatic shot

There is a 64 MP shot with which we hurry up a little more detail in many situations and that allows us that reframing without excessive loss of quality.

Poco X4 Gt Shows 64 Mp Two

The HDR, which we can force, deactivate or leave in automatic mode with a single touch, does its job adequately and there are no excessive surprises with it. But as we see in the image below, if the light conditions are not good, the problems begin.

Poco X4 Gt Shows Hdr Down

Above, HDR off. Below, HDR mode forced to auto shoot with the main camera

If we go to the ultra wide angle, its 8 MP is immediately seen as short for something more than showing the photo on our terminal, with a clear loss of sharpness except in the center of the image and provided that the conditions are good.

Sample Wide Angle Dia

Automatic shooting with the Wide Angle

Image 20220706 195430

In complicated scenes like this backlight, the Wide Angle suffers all

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