Pluto TV in depth: what it is, what it offers and how you can watch its free channels on your mobile and Smart TV

pluto tv in depth what it is what it offers.webp.webp.webp
pluto tv in depth what it is what it offers.webp.webp.webp

In the midst of the streaming battle, platforms have proliferated for those who want watch hours and hours of content without paying a single euro And as an example, the topic of this post: Pluto TV is completely free and as we already told you from the same title, you can watch it from your mobile phone, tablet, Smart TV (and also from a PC) without even registering.

If you are interested in knowing how Pluto TV works, which it offers for free and how you can watch it through different devices, here you have everything you need to answer your questions and start from scratch.

What is Pluto TV and how it works

Compared to free classic DTT and paid video-on-demand platforms such as Netflix or HBO Max, there are others that have the best of both worlds. That is, you have more channels at your disposal and they are also free: they are the FAST platforms either Free Ad-Supported Television. In Spanish, what can you do? view content with ads.

Pluto TV is included within the FAST platforms, belongs to Paramount and as we will see, its proposal with more than 100 channels is also hybrid in terms of the way it offers its content, mostly like traditional TV, although with some a la carte content. As for the ads, in their favor they are much shorter than traditional advertising.

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On Pluto TV you will not find repeated channels to cheat of having a wide catalog and neither are the DTT ones. What predominates are thematic channels., so if you are passionate about something specific, such as western cinema or cooking, you will find a vein.

Most are channels that broadcast live and have programming that you can watch so you don’t miss what interests you. Therefore, you have to pay attention to the schedules. However, since there are so many channels, it is likely that sooner or later you will find one that interests you by zapping. It also has some on-demand content, meaning you can choose what and when you watch something (like you do with Netflix, for example). In summary, Pluto TV is more on-demand channels than on-demand content.

Pluto TV transmits its content onlineso you don’t need an antenna or anything special beyond having a data rate, Wi-Fi or wired connection, since its content goes from its servers over the Internet to your devices.

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What channels are available

Years ago, Pluto TV exceeded 100 available channels (which vary depending on the region), so with such a long list there is a risk of getting lost. Fortunately the platform classifies them according to themes, which simplifies things quite a bit whether we like a genre or a specific program or series. That is the list of channels currently offered, put in the same order as on the platform:

  • New: Jade Rush, Alien Invasion, Cops.
  • Series: Star Trek, Doctor Who, 90210, Melrose Place, Soap Operas, K-Drama, BBC Drama, Andromeda, Mutant
  • Films: Star Cinema, Action Cinema, Horror, SciFi, Comedy Cinema, Western, Romantic Cinema, Thrillers, Drama Cinema, Author Cinema, Classic Cinema, Run Time, Catastrophes.
  • Crime and mystery: Forensic Files, The New Detectives, FBI Files, Paranormal, True Crime, Homicide Hunter, Detective Endevaour, Constance Meyer, The Midsomer Murders, Agata Christie: Poirot.
  • Made in Spain: The Commissioner, Comedy Made in Spain, Ana and the 7, At Eleven at Home, Curro Jiménez, Catch Me If You Can, Vaya Semanita, Ciudadanos por el Mundo, En el punto de Mira.
  • Entertainment: Auction Hunter, Wild Pawns, Ice Pilots, My Strange Obsession, Reality, The Dog Whisperer.
  • Documentary + Lifestyle: Cooking, History, Design, Travel, Documentaries, Nature Time, Animals.
  • Motor + Sports: Top Gear, Motor, Tuning, Sports, My Padel TV, Unbeaten, WPT.
  • MTV on Pluto TV: MTV Embarrassment of Others, MTV Catfish, MTV Jersey, MTV Geordies, MTV Realities, MTV Originals, MTV Teen Mom, Pregnant at 16, MTV Tattoo for Two.
  • Music: VH1, MTV Marty Music, MTV Music Made in Spain, MTV Urban Music, Yo MTV Raps, K-pop, Quello Concerts.
  • News: Euronews, CBS News, Telefe Noticias.
  • easy laughter: Failarmy, Wipeout, The Pet Collective, People are awesome, Just for Laughs.
  • Animation: South Park, South Park VO, Detective Conan, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Inazuma Eleven, Anime, Ninja Turtles, Avatar.
  • Childish: SpongeBob, The Fairly OddParents, Rugrats, Once Upon a Time, Kids, Dora the Explorer, Classic Toons, The Three Twins, Junior, The Children’s Kingdom, Animakids, Kids Ukraine, Winx Club, Teen Stars, Plutoo Teen, Big Time Rush , Victoriuos, Zoey, iCarly.
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How you can watch Pluto TV

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As we anticipated above, to watch Pluto TV you only need a device and an internet connection. If you have a tablet or mobile phone, you can download its Android application on Google Play or for iOS in the App Store. However, if you wish, you do not have to install anything, since you can enter from their website. From here, a very intuitive interface is shown with playback at the top and, below, the different channel programming, although it is worth browsing through the themes.

If you have a Smart TVyou can download the application on different operating systems such as LG with WebOS, Samsung and its Tizen and also Android TV or Google TV for televisions or devices with this OS, as well as Fire OS for Amazon Fire TV devices.

Pluto TV

Movies and series

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