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PLC devices with Wi-Fi repeater, the solution you need to bring the Internet to any corner

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In large houses, and especially in those houses where we have two or more floors, enjoying a good internet connection can seem complicated, especially since in this type of scenario Wi-Fi repeaters are not always capable to get the results we need.

It is not difficult to understand, in fact we are convinced that some of our readers will have faced this problem. Think, for example, of a two-story house that it has the router located in the lower part, and that due to room distribution issues it has not been possible to place said router in a completely central position.

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On the ground floor we will have a good Internet connection in almost all the rooms, although it may be in those that are farthest from the router. we are forced to resort to a Wi-Fi repeater, precisely for not having been able to place the router in a central position. However, if we want to reach the second floor, and especially those rooms further away, it is very likely that we will not obtain a good result with a repeater, especially if we have to overcome obstacles and sources of interference.

For this type of situation, a PLC device with a Wi-Fi repeater would be, without a doubt, the ideal solution, and also for any other similar scenario, such as a house with two floors and an attic (three floors in total). If in the latter we wanted to bring the Internet connection to the attic, the most efficient, fast and simple thing would be a PLC device with a Wi-Fi repeater.

Why is a PLC with a Wi-Fi repeater better in these cases?

Because this solution works through the electrical network, which allows us to directly reach the area we want to cover without distance or obstacles being a problem. We have a total of two devicesone that is placed in an area near the router and another outlet that will be the one we use to take our Internet connection to any corner of our home.

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We place the first device in a socket near the router, and the second in another socket in the room closest to our target area and that’s it. The signal will be transmitted through the electrical network to the second device, and This will offer us a wired and wireless Internet connectionand without the need to go into complicated configurations.

If at any time our needs change, or if we decide to remodel and modify the distribution of our home, we will not have any problem, since we will be able to change the position of the PLC devices with Wi-Fi repeater and use them again as we see fit. They offer enormous flexibilityand as we have seen, they are ideal for covering great distances and for overcoming obstacles.

To enjoy a high level of performance and a good experience, it is necessary to choose our PLC device with Wi-Fi repeater well, and that is not all models offer the same features nor can they work at the same level.

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In this sense, the FRITZ!Powerline 1260E is undoubtedly one of the best options that we can find, since it uses the three conductors of the electrical circuit. In this way, two transmitters and receivers respectively exchange data simultaneously. This improves the transmission speed by up to 78%, and can reach a maximum of 866 Mbps on the 5 GHz band (Wi-Fi 5) and 400 Mbps on the 2.4 GHz band (Wi-Fi 4). It also has a Gigabit LAN connector.

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