PlayStation VR2 will not be compatible with games made for PS VR1

Little by little we are getting to know more details about Playstation VR2and the last one we’ve heard about may not be to everyone’s liking, as Sony’s upcoming VR headset will not be compatible with titles made to work with the first generation of the product.

The data has been known thanks to the fact that Sony has shown PlayStation VR2 at the Tokyo Game Show (TGS), one of the most important video game-related events in the world. In addition to that, it has also announced more titles that will be compatible with the platform, among which are Among Us, No Man’s Sky and the installments of the Horizon adventure saga.

Sony explains that games made for the first generation of PlayStation VR will not be compatible with the second because the latter “is designed to deliver a true next-generation virtual reality experience. PS VR2 has much more advanced features, like an all-new controller with haptic feedback and adaptive triggers, inside-out tracking, eye-tracking, 3D audio, and 4K HDR. This means that developing games for PS VR2 requires a completely different approach than the original PS VR.”.

The decision has the consequence that users will have to have at their disposal the two versions of PlayStation VR if they want to enjoy their entire purchased VR library for Sony platforms. In other words, games made for the first PlayStation VR will only run on that version of the device, and games made for the second generation will only run on the latter. This also impacts developers, who will have to patch or re-release games if they want to span both generations.

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According to Sony’s version, PlayStation VR2, which is meant to work with PlayStation 5, has introduced profound changes to tracking methods and controllers. While the first generation relies on a camera and light-based tracking, the second generation tracks the position of the new Sense controllers using infrared LEDs.

The first generation of PlayStation VR was released for PlayStation 4 and to make it work on the console last gene from Sony you have to use a special adapter that allows you to connect the camera.