PlayStation acquires Haven Studios in the midst of developing an AAA multiplayer experience

Continuing its slow but steady purchase of video game development studios, Sony has just announced the acquisition of Haven Entertainment Studios, an entity founded over the past year by industry veteran Jade Raymondknown for her collaboration on important Ubisoft projects such as the Assassin’s Creed saga, as well as other EA Motive or Google Stadia projects.

So, the most interesting thing about this acquisition is the fact that Haven Studios has yet to release any games.. Although in reality Haven and Sony were already working closely together from the start of the study, with a new exclusive IP for PlayStation which, as Raymond herself defined, will offer «an AAA multiplayer experience with a vision to build a systemic and evolving world centered on freedom, excitement and fun that will keep gamers entertained and engaged for years to come«.

Jade Raymond Heaven Studios

«Today Haven begins a new stage of its journey, now as part of the PlayStation Studios family. Collaborating with Hermen, Connie Booth and the PlayStation team over the last year has been a high point in our career. SIE is a very encouraging partner who truly understands the creative process» continued the directive, «They have offered us the necessary support and tools to make our ambitious vision and dreams come true. That is why we are so excited about this opportunity to further strengthen our collaboration«.

However, despite the fact that the announcement of the purchase has been extended by up to a year since the first announcement of the collaboration, and given the scope of this project, it seems almost certain to assume that this game is still in the development process, possibly far from being finished.

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On the other hand, while it seems like an obvious move on Sony’s part, the timing of this announcement is not lost on, along with in the middle of a process for complaints of sexism within the study they continue to circle and have reached the point of litigation.