PlayStation 5 may have a version with removable Blu-ray drive by 2023

playstation 5 1 1000x600.jpg
playstation 5 1 1000x600.jpg

It seems that Sony has many plans to renew Playstation 5 for the next few years. The ultimate goal of the company would not only be to pave the way for the foreseeable Slim version of the console, but it could go further in order to unify the two great lines by the year 2023.

According to the Insider Gaming medium, three PlayStation 5 chassis have currently been produced, which are A, B and C, but Sony could be working on a D chassis that would have a removable Blu-ray drive as its main feature. If it reaches the market, this future model would open the door to unify the two great lines of the consolewith one including the aforementioned drive and one not, so the latter relies entirely on digital downloads.

The removable Blu-ray reader of the alleged PlayStation 5 D chassis would use USB Type-C as an interface. For many years there have been optical disc readers and recorders that work through USB 2, although in the case of the possible future version of the Sony console we assume that it will be supported by USB 3 or 4. Be careful, do not confuse USB Type-C, which is the connector format, with the version of the interface on which it works, since it is not difficult to find peripherals such as microphones and controllers that rely on USB Type-C, but actually use version 2 of the interface. At the end of the day, it’s not like the amount of data that can be transmitted through a microphone or a controller justifies the use of USB 3.

Removable Blu-ray drive it would be connected to the back of the console and would not imply a significant loss in the aesthetic finish of the machine. As for the form of marketing, it is speculated that Sony could sell the PlayStation 5 D chassis in two types of packaging: one would include the Blu-ray drive and the other would not. In this way, the company would offer the two lines of the console through a single product. Furthermore, and following the logic, hopefully the Blu-ray drive will be sold separately for those who have regretted supporting everything on digital downloads or want to replace a broken drive, but whether Sony makes it easy to do that remains to be seen.

It does not take a genius to imagine that Sony’s intention with the alleged D chassis is to lower costs in the manufacture of PlayStation 5, and that is, due to the successive crises in recent times, companies are pulling ingenuity to improve margins and supply. For example, Nintendo reduced Switch packaging by 20% in order to improve the console’s supply of units.

As we have already said, the PlayStation 5 D chassis, if it exists, would see the light of day in 2023 to simplify the existing lines of the Sony console.

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