PlayStation 5 makes the leap to a new Oberon Plus SoC manufactured in 6nm

Less than a month ago we saw that Sony had introduced a new version of PlayStation 5, lighter and with internal changes that in the end were positive for the user, and also for the Japanese company, since they allowed it to reduce costs. This new model was identified as IFC-1200.

According to new information, this revision of said console, which has been specifically identified as CFI-1202, not only brings internal changes to reduce weight and improve the cooling system, but also has an “Oberon Plus” APU manufactured on TSMC’s new 6nm node. This means that Sony has already reduced the manufacturing node of the brain of its console, and has done so without launching a Slim model.

Both the design and specifications of the new “Oberon” APU manufactured in 6nm are identical to those of the 7nm version, which means that it maintains the custom Zen 2 CPU with 8 cores and the Radeon GPU with 2,304 shaders and no infinite cache. There are no improvements at the performance level, but we can expect a slight improvement in terms of consumption and working temperature.

For the consumer, these types of changes they are positive because in the end it means the use of a chip that is at least as powerful, but at the same time more efficient and fresh. For Sony it is also beneficial, since in the end this allows them to reduce costs significantly. The ‘Oberon Plus’ APU is smaller than the original (it has a footprint of 260mm square versus 300mm square for the 7nm model), meaning its impact on the wafer is significantly reduced and you can get more chips per wafer.

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On the left the Oberon APU at 6nm, and on the right at 7nm.

By getting more chips per wafer PlayStation 5 production costs are reducedAnd the same goes for the weight reduction and redesign that Sony has applied to its console internally. If we put this in perspective and add it to the recent increase in the price of PlayStation 5, the conclusion we can reach is very clear, the current situation and the enormous success of its new generation console have allowed Sony to adopt a totally different strategy. than what we saw with PlayStation 4, and it is very likely that there is money for each console sold.

Will we see a PlayStation 5 Slim in the short or medium term?

As I said earlier, Sony used to use a new APU made on an upgraded node when they released the Slim version of their console within each generation. With PlayStation 5 the Japanese company has made an important exception, and this has sown doubts about the future of a Slim version of said console.

It’s impossible to predict what Sony will do with PlayStation 5, but I think we should not doubt the future launch of a PS5 Slim, after all, this has always been part of the strategy of the Japanese company, and has been a fundamental pillar in the face of its renewal in different cycles. However, it is quite likely that this time it will take longer to arrive.

On the other hand, right now Sony has no reason to lower the price of PlayStation 5. The console continues to sell wonderfully, so much so that demand continues to far outstrip supply, and the Japanese giant continues to face high production costs despite the changes it has been making to the console.