Playstation 5: Beta software supports 1440p resolution

playstation 5 beta software supports 1440p resolution.jpg
playstation 5 beta software supports 1440p resolution.jpg

Sony submits another technical feature for its Playstation 5: A new beta firmware supports 1440p resolutions.

4K, FullHD and 720p – these are the resolutions that Sony has supported on its PS5 so far. A new firmware version adds another option: In the future, the Playstation 5 will also support 1440p natively. The firmware is now available to participants in the beta program and will later be released for all PS5 consoles.

How 1440p works on compatible displays depends on the individual titles: if games support 1440p natively, the games can be displayed in native resolution with performance advantages over 4K. If a PS5 game doesn’t support 1440p natively, a 4K image can be supersampled to 1440p, writes Sony.

1440p resolution has established itself as a compromise between FullHD and 4K, especially for PC monitors, televisions with 1440p resolution are a rarity. Accordingly, the update is particularly interesting for users who have connected their console to the PC monitor. Microsoft’s Xbox Series consoles already support 1440p.

However, in a blog entry, Sony writes that the 1440p option on the Playstation 5 does not support variable refresh rates. So if you want to play with VRR, you have to stick with either FullHD or 4K. It is not known whether this will change in the future.

Sony introduced VRR support to its Playstation 5 in April. The feature had long been requested by fans of the Sony console. VRR adjusts the refresh rate of the monitor or TV to match the current frame rate of the video game being rendered. If “Elden Ring” spits out about 56 frames per second, the display switches to exactly 56 Hertz. Each calculated frame is therefore displayed exactly for one refresh of the monitor. This results in a smooth and consistent gaming experience even when games aren’t reliably hitting their usual 60 frames per second target.

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