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Planning a trip with an electric car will be easier with the new Waze

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Waze is updating with a feature that has long been available in Google Maps: planning a route around charging stations for an electric vehicle.

A new dynamic that will be implemented for all users in the coming weeks. Meanwhile, Waze has given a preview of its operation.

How to find charging stations with Waze

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Following the same dynamics that we find in Google Maps, in the Waze app we can also add data about our electric car to make it easier to find information about charging stations. It will only be necessary to add information about the vehicle and the type of plug in the app.

With this data as criteria, Waze will show the charging stations that are close to the route taken in the trip, without the user having to take any extra action. This will save you having to consult other app and third-party tools to plan a trip, or having to deal with outdated information about the location of charging stations:

Powered by local map editors from our Waze community, EV data is reviewed and updated in real-time to provide the most accurate and complete map information.

Let’s remember that Google Maps has been showing information about charging stations for electric vehicles for a long time, and in recent updates its dynamics have improved.

For example, it has added filters to make the search easier, such as connector type, charging speed, service hours, among other options. By combining all these filters, users can find a station that fits their needs.

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And a similar dynamic can be enjoyed by users who prefer the Waze app to plan their trips. If you don’t already see these options in your account, don’t worry, I know they will roll out gradually over the next few weeks.

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