Pixel Watch: Google’s first smartwatch costs 380 euros

pixel watch googles first smartwatch costs 380 euros.jpg
pixel watch googles first smartwatch costs 380 euros.jpg

The Pixel Watch focuses on sports and activity tracking. It has a number of sensors on board and is closely linked to Fitbit.​


On Thursday, Google fully unveiled its Pixel Watch. After countless smaller leaks and ultimately a prototype of the smartwatch that was forgotten in public, Google was apparently forced to let the cat out of the bag at the Google I/O developer conference in May and present the watch to the public – but without technical details or to name a date for the start of sales. Now it is certain: The Pixel Watch will be available in October for 380 euros.

For the model with an additional LTE modem, Google advertises a price of 430 euros. The group wants to offer a lot for this: The Pixel Watch is supposed to breathe new life into the WearOS smartwatch operating system.


The Pixel Watch focuses on fitness tracking. The watch comes with free access to Fitbit Pro for six months. In addition, it is equipped with several sensors for recording body data, such as pulse rate and blood oxygen saturation.

Otherwise, it offers the usual recognition of steps and workouts. According to Google, it supports 40 training modes and presents a daily fitness evaluation in the Fitbit app. It also supports sleep tracking along with analysis of the sleep phases and records an ECG if desired. Like the Apple Watch, the Pixel Watch warns of atrial fibrillation and an irregular heart rhythm.

A watch with sleep tracking is expected to last more than a day. Here, the Pixel Watch only manages a spot landing: With full health tracking with permanent heart rate measurement, Google promises a runtime of exactly 24 hours. If you turn off the permanent tracking, a longer runtime should probably also be possible with the Pixel Watch. Google puts the battery capacity at 294 mAh, and the battery is charged using the supplied cable. After 30 minutes it should be half full again after it has been completely discharged. A full charge takes around 80 minutes.

In addition to the fitness functions, the watch allows the installation of other WearOS apps. The usual Google apps such as YouTube Music, Google Maps and Google Wallet for wireless payment are included ex works. In addition, the Google Assistant is available for voice control and answers directly on the watch via the built-in speaker.

The Pixel Watch has a diameter of 41 mm. The OLED display with a pixel density of 320 dpi is protected by fifth-generation scratch-resistant Gorilla Glass and achieves a peak brightness of 1000 cd/m2, which is sufficient for good readability under sunlight. Thanks to the integrated ambient light sensor, the Pixel Watch automatically adjusts its display brightness.

The Pixel Watch is powered by a Samsung Equinox 9110 and has 2 GB of RAM and 32 GB of flash memory – enough for a smartwatch. The Pixel Watch is delivered with a silicone bracelet. The colors black, silver and champagne are available for the stainless steel case. For further personalization, Google wants to offer additional bracelets made of plastic, fabric, leather and metal as accessories.


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